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  1. Travel crate for bedroom?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi! :wave: We will be getting our second dog (first puppy) in a few weeks. She is a labrador x cocker spaniel and will be 8 weeks old. We are going to crate train her to (hopefully) speed up house training but mostly to give her a cosy respite that is all hers to relax in should our 2 or 4 year...
  2. Getting your dog to sleep in!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello everybody! I've had my german shepherd puppy, Eli, for about a month now. He's 14 weeks old and crate training is going pretty well. He whines a little when I first put him in his crate for bed but then I don't hear a peep until usually 5-6am. Typically he wakes up to go to the bathroom...
  3. 9 mo. Old Puppy Suddenly Not Sleeping Through Night

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello! I am the owner of a 9 month old Brittany. She is house-trained and has been sleeping through the night since she was 3 months old-- until recently. About 6 weeks ago, she started having trouble sleeping through the night. She needs to be taken out 1-2 times every night, and if I do not...
  4. Early morning barking and whining

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi I have a 9 month old lab that is outside during the day and has a sheltered pen to sleep in at night. When we are home she will come inside and we have no problems with her going outside at night. She goes straight to be done and sleeps. The issue is the morning. As soon as the sun...
  5. Adopted 2 abandoned puppies and need little help

    Attention All New Members
    Hi everyone We've adopted 2 puppies who were abandoned they're now 2 weeks with us ( 7 weeks old now) and whe're having some trouble so hope you people can help me out :). So the 2 puppies fight/play a lot ( that's normal i think). But when it get's violent we break up the fight. Bruntje is...
  6. Just looked at my future lab puppy

    Attention All New Members
    Hey everyone, so im the new one here. :) I just went to the breeder I'm getting my Labrador Retriever puppy at. And I found lovely puppies. So I chose the one I wanted, the dark green collar one ;). But im just wondering if its normal for her to sleep a lot. She wasn't too energetic when I first...
  7. Recently Adopted Dog Sleeps All The Time?

    Dog Rescue Forum
    Five days ago, my boyfriend and I adopted a 5 y/o Min Pin that we found in our local newspaper. After talking to the now former owner(who turned out to be a byb of chihuahuas [yes, it pissed me off to find that out] and they didn't want her because she wasn't a chihuahua), I decided to adopt her...
  8. Puppy won't lay back down in Morning. Help!

    General Dog Forum
    Our puppy, bandit, has been making some great progress since we got him a week and a half ago. one of the problems that is really taking a toll, however, is his early morning "fit". my husband works late, and so we generally go to sleep around 12 or 1 and would like to wake up around 9 or 10...
  9. Twitching?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I recently got Theory, a pitbull/husky mix, a little over six weeks. I've read that it's normal but I can't help but worry. In his sleep, he twitches, shakes, and looks like he has hiccups. Sometimes it's more subtle, but other times it's really powerful and is reminiscent of a seizure or...
  10. Puppy growling when woken and moved.

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi, I have a 13 week old choc Lab/?? puppy. He is a very sweet boy...and absolutely loves people. He will snarl at other dogs, but only if they constantly badger him or snarl first, otherwise he seems happy enough to be the submissive one. He is afraid of storms, loud noises, vacuums, etc. He...
  11. How to make a whiny dog...not whiny (While he's in the Crate)

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Okay...so I got Dante yesterday from the LA County pound. He's such a loving and good dog. He was also neutered yesterday and today you can really tell that he's feeling it. He hasn't been eating much and hasn't been able to go #2. I've only heard him bark about 5 times combined and the first 2...
  12. He doesn't want to sleep in my room anymore

    General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone! My dog (cavalier king charles spaniel), who is soon 6 months old, has always slept with me in my room (in my bed or on my carpet) up until about 3 weeks ago. One morning when I woke up he had wandered off to my parents room (where our 2 other dogs also sleep) and since that he...
  13. Puppy not sleeping and barking - at the end of my rope!!!!!

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello everyone, I just got an Akita puppy and she is about 3 months old. I got her a couple weeks ago and he immediately got Parvo, so she is only just recently has started to act like a normal energetic puppy. My problem is that now she won't stop barking and crying! At any hour! At...
  14. Help with sleeping?

    General Dog Forum
    Good Morning all, I was hoping to get some advice about Izzy. When I adopted her the owners told me she was a black lab. She looked lab-ish to me, and as I was adopting her from a home that was moving and couldn't take her, I didn't pay anything for her, and didn't want to do competitions or...
  15. Teach my dog to sleep out of his kennel, on the floor.

    Attention All New Members
    Hey Everyone, My boyfriend and I have recently moved into an apartment. We have a mini schnauzer & a Weimaraner. The schnauzer sleeps with us but the Weimaraner sleeps in his cage at night and spends the day in it also. It isn't a wire cage it is more like a pet taxi. During the day he spends...
  16. Puppy waking up/whining often during the night

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello everybody! One week ago, I brought home my first puppy--a great little Goldendoodle pup. I work from home, so he's out the entire day from the crate, playing, sleeping next to my feet, and I've been lucky enough to be at home to housebreak him--that's going GREAT. He's only 9 weeks old...
  17. Had to share this

    Dog Pictures Forum
    This dog sleeps in the strangest positions I have ever seen in my life he always has his head down in something and tonight I see this the picture quality isn't very good didn't want to wake him so used my webcam.