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  1. Play Barking at 3 am and Play Biting

    Dog Training Forum
    I grew up with sighthounds, so I rarely had to deal with barking. Myrrh is my first non sighthound dog, being a mix of everything under the sun. She's 11 weeks old and a real cutie. She's getting better with her play biting... except when I'm in the bedroom, trying to sleep. She launches herself...
  2. Weird Sleeping Pattern

    General Dog Forum
    I am the proud owner of a rescued Chihuahua/Beagle who is about 15-16 years old. He was my husband's for about 4 years, then I became his mom in 2009. Although he took warming up, he now treats me equally to my husband, even though he's still generally picky about others (I heard Chihuahua are...
  3. Dog Suddenly Won't Sleep With Me?

    Attention All New Members
    After having my dog for two years, we've both grown accustom to sleeping together That is until about a week ago. Josie, my dog, is fine until I actually try to sleep. Then she'll start shaking and whining, not stopping until I open my bedroom door and let her out. During the day she will sit on...
  4. Help For an Old Dog that Can't Tolerate Confinement of Any Kind

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello ladies and gents! New years eve, my boyfriend and I brought home a 10 year old chihuahua mix. She has no reliable training, chases our kitten, and can't tolerate confinement of any kind. I've barely gotten any sleep this week, and now i'm sick, it sucks. I have done my best to introduce...
  5. how much sleep is too much sleep?

    General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone, I'm new here, I posted an intro thread yesterday about my new little hound, Argos. He's semi-feral. We adopted him from a highway rest stop where he apparently had been living for some time, in pretty bad shape. One week later, he's in great health and looks half the age he did...
  6. Why wont she sleep with me anymore?

    General Dog Forum
    I have a dachshound, shes 3 years old. The past weeks she has refused to sleep in my bed, she usually sleeps with my younger brother now.. I walk her, feed her and pet her, i am basically the one who takes care of her. Since she was a puppy she has always slept beside me or by my feet. but...
  7. 5 Month old puppy is a terror

    Dog Training Forum
    I am at my wits end with a 5 month old puppy we adopted. He is cute as can be, but is giving my boyfriend and I nothing but trouble, and causing us to be unable to give our other puppy attention that she needs as well because we are constantly trying to correct his behaviours, to no avail. He...
  8. 6 month old puppy sleeps all the time

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a six month old beagle lab cross and he is a wonderful dog. The last couple of weeks I've noticed he's sleeping a lot more, spending most of the day sleeping until he has to go outside to do his business. He's not really interested in playing inside or fetch anymore either. We play tug of...
  9. Sleeping

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My pup was doing very well last week, my 6 week year old chihuahua was sleeping on his own in his box in the bathroom. He would cry for a few minutes, then with the help of some classical music he would go to sleep and stay quite for most of the night. Then all the sudden last night he was...
  10. Guess I will sleep again in August .........

    General Dog Forum
    We are into our 24 hours of daylight part of the summer here and Lucifer my lab has decided that if its light out mommy should be awake !! He woke up at 3 am, 5 am, and again at 7 am to go outside. I know he doesnt have to go potty and just wants to play but the long days are confusing the poor...
  11. Pup suddenly getting up 2 1/2 hours too early!

    Dog Training Forum
    So, this early issue has been a problem all week, but I just got up from a night of scratching, whimpering and no sleep since about 3:30 AM... I have a 5mo Shiba Inu whom this has NEVER been an issue before. Last night, Apollo got up at 3:30, scratching and whimpering in his cage. I tried to...
  12. Smart Dog Crates

    General Dog Forum
    We already have dog crates. (well-made plastic) But, what are the best kinds of dog crates in your opinion? We want the best for our dogs! :) We might even get a new Shih Tzu puppy. That's why we want crate choices. Especially choices for Shih Tzu puppies.
  13. Puppy barks in crate at night

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi all, My wife and I are in a bit of a crisis situation right now. We got a 5 month old labradoodle puppy on Saturday, and are having some trouble getting him to sleep at night. We put him in a crate (which is plenty big - almost double his size) in our room where he can see us, and he just...
  14. crate training - puppy not sleeping

    Dog Training Forum
    we have been crate training our 8 month old frenchy since we got her in november. training had gone really well up until she got fixed about 1.5 months ago. right after the surgery she started waking up in the middle of the night and whining. we would get up and take her outside where she...
  15. More storms

    General Dog Forum
    Sigh Isn't California, especially the central valley supposed to be sunny right around this time of year? Geesh. My boys are actually being calm and I'm a jittery wreck (I'm trying to stay calm for the dogs sake, but I have a huge fear of thunder). The puppies aren't picking up on my...
  16. Puppy suddenly hates crate, advice please.

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My dog is eight months old. We have had her for four months. We don't know what breed she is but most people guess husky/German shepherd. We have been putting her in the crate at night and when we go out for more than a few minutes since we got her. She has never had any problem with this...
  17. Does your dog move while dreaming?

    General Dog Forum
    Does it move as much as this dog? I doubt it but this one is a treat to watch http://www.reddit.com/r/reddit.com/comments/8zvrr/dog_sleep_running_straight_into_a_wall/ Enjoy
  18. Puppy waking up at night?

    Dog Training Forum
    Hey! I have an 8 month old shih-tzu maltese cross puppy. We have been crate training him (Oreo) and he is very good in it. After about one month of having him, he was sleeping through the whole night without crying or needing to go outside. But for the last month or so, he gets up about 2-3...
  19. Is it time to put my aggressive dog down?

    General Dog Forum
    I've had a border collie for 3 years now. I adopted her at 1 from an abused home. She's always had aggression issues. I have always lived alone though and been able to manage the problem ( i've been bitten on more than one occasion, though not in a years or so now). We were in the middle of no...