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sleep training

  1. Desperate for Sleep

    General Dog Forum
    We’ve had our dog for four years. He’s a ten pound toy poodle/chihuahua mix and he’s always slept with us. Over the last four years, there would be nights every once in a while where he’d jump off our bed and wake us up to get out of the room. Typically we’d just put him back in bed and he’d go...
  2. I'm lost (puppy whining at night)

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello everyone! I have seen a question kind of similar to mine asked here before, but after many sleepless nights my questions have doubled. I have a puppy at 2 and a half months old, she is a mixed breed, but in my opinion very much jack russell-y :D. We (my mom and I) got her at 45 days...
  3. Sleep Cycle Issues

    Dog Training Forum
    My dog sleeps most of the day, but is awake a good part of the night whining at me from his crate. I have tried keeping him awake during the day. He has no interest in playing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have considered buying him a calming collar, since he is new to the home.
  4. Puppy was sleeping through the night, now wakes up!

    General Dog Forum
    Hello! I thought I had my 10 week old puppy down on a good schedule. He'd go to bed around 10-11pm and we'd wake up around 6-7am. He is crate trained, and prefers to sleep in his crate. The first week he was waking up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, but now he holds it until I...
  5. If you're thinking of returning your new dog....

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    This article might really help you. I found it at 11 pm on my puppy's third day home. I wasn't thinking of returning him, but did feel like the world's biggest idiot for thinking I can do this. The e-book is good too.
  6. puppy night time question

    Dog Training Forum
    Got a puppy 3weeks ago. She is really not a bad puppy at all. After a hard week we got her sleeping through the night in her crate which is in our bedroom. She still fits in it for now, she is only 15 weeks old. When she out grows it we are hoping to just have a bog bed for her in our room...
  7. Cannot get 4.5 month old puppy to stop crying at night, have tried several suggestion

    Dog Training Forum
    I know this topic has come up before, probably tons of times but please, humor me. We have a 4.5 month old puppy (a shepherdxpitbull) and for the most part he is very well behaved and a quick learner. He is obviously quite intelligent and picks things up fast. Unfortunately, he has picked up...
  8. Sleeping in Crate alone training

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a rottweiler and is about 6 months old. At first I was trying to make him sleep in the crate with another one of my dogs and have them sleep together so my rottweiler could sleep comfortably in the crate( about 49*29*32 i believe). Now I'm training to make the rottweiler sleep by himself...