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skin problems

  1. Sarcoptic Mange!?

    Attention All New Members
    Hey everyone, i have a german shepherd female named zena! Recently she's been very itchy around her back and ears and she's had hot spots before where i treat her with this hot spot spray and it works beautifully but this time her whole under belly has been turning into a greyish-black skin...
  2. Advice 4 my rescue puppy

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello, my name is Tracy, from Louisiana. Im a new member,(quick history of situation) last week I came across a post about 2 rescued pups the mother had been run over, they werent old enough to be weaned yet.The girl that picked them up didnt want them but didnt want them hit by a car, I took...
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    3 Green Dogs Vitamins - Who We Are and What We Do 3 Green Dogs Vitamins is dedicated to helping animal rescues & shelters while providing premium products of unmatched quality for your dog, created by professionals committed to helping your dog live a happy, healthy life. We will continue to...
  4. Lesion on skin

    Dog Health Questions
    When I came home from work I noticed a bump on my Zoe's shoulder/neck area. It was dried drainage, white of color. When I wiped it away a small hair patch came with it. Underneath the skin patch was a small open wound. I cannot take her to the vet until Tuesday and was wondering if anyone...
  5. chapped nose

    Dog Health Questions
    This winter my 5 year old border collie is experiencing an extremely dry nose. At times it cracks and bleeds a little, like human hands when exposed to harsh winter conditions. We live in the upper midwest, and we've experienced a colder than usual winter, which might be leading to this...
  6. Poison Ivy?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I recently brought home a rescued Finnish Spitz mix and let her roam around the yard until my boyfriend developed a severe poison ivy reaction (I'm one of the lucky 10% who doesn't react so I never noticed). On closer inspection our wooded lot was LOADED with poison ivy. Penny (our dog)...
  7. treatment progress: yeast infection on skin

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, for a couple of years now my Cocker spaniel has been struggling with skin issues. He's had sensitive skin ever since, but up to now hasn't recovered from bald spots, waxy crusty skin, skin odor, severe itching and black scales on his tummy and throat. This sprouted some two years ago and the...