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skin issues

  1. Ringworm on dog?

    General Dog Forum
    Hello, how to manage ringworm on dogs? My small Yorkie has been diagnosed with ringworm. It seems to be generalized since we had to stop treatment since she had surgery. I've bathe her with medicated shampoo, purchase a tea tree oil and aloe vera shampoo and spray from the pet store. The vet...
  2. Hi from Oscar's mom in Georgia

    Attention All New Members
    Hi, I am new here from Georgia. I am reaching out because my little chihuahua type dog Oscar is chronically ill. I am having trouble dealing with it, in part because I am chronically ill. The poor guy hasn't been himself since he was neutered at age 5 or so. He got some kind of horrible skin...
  3. Top 3 Reasons We Should Groom Our Animals

    Royal Pet Club
    Why should we groom our pets, especially our dogs, apart from the aesthetics we enjoy? Well, we’re going to give you the top 3 reasons why grooming our animals is a good thing. 3) Grooming Keeps A Pet Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Okay, perhaps not wealthy, but grooming keeps a pet healthy. It...
  4. my german shepherd has extremely dry itchy skin with red welts, advice please!

    Dog Health Questions
    I recently got my pup from a friend of mine and moved into my new home. Unknown to us, the home was crawling with rodents who were infested with fleas. After 3 months of battling them we are finally rodent and flea free but my dog still has bald spots and is scratching constantly. Her vet said...