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skin allergies

  1. Skin and coat question odd patch missing

    Dog Health Questions
    My baby Pitbull/bulldog has these odd missing patch of hairs I see him bite and scratch himself but not crazy but it does happen. So by looking at this is it severe is there anything I can do to stop this I want his beautiful cost to stay beautiful lol. Also, he's 4 months and 40lbs mother is...
  2. Please help puppy skin urgent

    Dog Health Questions
    My puppy is 4 months old he is either a pitbull or a pitbull mix were not sure... But he keeps scratching and biting himself leading to these scabs and cuts on his skin hell bleed and then I think he stops hurting himself. He also has weird bumbs on his penis they've been there for 2 days now...
  3. Skin Allergies in Elder Dogs

    Attention All New Members
    Having quite a problem with dermatitis with my Finnish Spitz who is 13 years old. Never had an issue until he had his first anesthesia and some minor non dangerous bumps taken off and teeth cleaned . He is so uncomfortable. Salves and sprays have not helped much. He has lost much hair on his...