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  1. dog is shivering

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, my Shih Tzu is 12 years old and he keeps shivering (not violent shivering, but shivering nonetheless). He will not eat his food, although this is not unusual as he doesn't always want to eat. However, this time he just seems very sleepy and not interested. I don't drive and I'm home alone...
  2. my puppy is shivering?

    Attention All New Members
    My beautiful pug crossed with a boarder terrier keeps shaking and shivering - she is eating fine and when she is around the other dogs she is licking them and seems happy, but when she is settling to go to sleep her eyes are not as bright and she starts shivering - am i over-reacting?
  3. My little girlie and boy (2 questions)

    General Dog Forum
    My little girl is about 3-4yrs old (not truely known, shelter dog ; beagle mixed with unknown) but i've had her for going on 2yrs now. I've never noticed before, but she's been shivering lately. Its not been very major, but she will be curled up on the floor or my laundry basket, perfectly...
  4. Sudden shivering/panic(?)

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello. Our loving, socialized and otherwise fit 6 months old Staffordshire Bullterrier recently has started getting sudden shivering attacks. Suddenly we find her shivering and (really) submissive, crawling into a corner when we enter the room. It is hard for us to determine if she is scared...
  5. One dog shivers when the other one is near ... HELP!

    General Dog Forum
    I've had Blondie (cocker spaniel) for 10 years (she is 11.5). She was abused and abandoned when I adopted her from Sav-A-Life. With work she started opening up to other people and dogs. But she has been my only dog until I took in a stray JR Terrier X (Tango) in October 2008 (just a few...