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  1. Blue Buffalo causing tear stains?

    Dog Food Forum
    I'm not not sure if anyone's asked this or not but my little Henry Bear (shih tzu, 2yo) has wicked tear stains and has had them since I rescued him in June and switched him from the rescue's suggested Science Diet to Blue Buffalo Small Breed Chicken and Rice. Has anyone else had this...
  2. Does any other dog do this?

    General Dog Forum
    Im sitting on the couch making out thank you cards and next thing you know my dog comes out of the bedroom carrying my bra and jumps up on the couch with it. Now she's cuddled up next to me, taking a nap, using my bra as her pillow. Lol. She's a two year old Pugzu with the goofiest personality <3
  3. Change to Senior Diet???

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi, I have a male shih tzu who is turning 7 very soon!! He is definitely less playful than when he was younger, but still fit and gets walked at least half an hour everyday. Teeth in good condition and his digestion system seems to be just fine. I've been told that a dog should go on to a...
  4. Congestive Heart Failure for my 9 year old Shih Tzu fur baby :(

    Dog Health Questions
    I’m feeling a little helpless right now…. I have two 9 year old Shih Tzu litter mates; Paris and Nicky. (the Hilton sisters) We went out of town last week to visit my parents. They live in rural north east Louisiana. During the night Paris woke me up standing on my chest. She was gasping and...
  5. Introducing Sir William

    Dog Pictures Forum
    I thought I might as well introduce my guys to ya'll! To start it off, here is Sir William. Aka Will! This guy is a 5 years young, Shih Tzu/Bichon Frise cross. He was the first dog that was really a family member. I got him when I was in grade 9. He turned into more of my parents dog though. I...
  6. Are they really shih tzu?

    General Dog Forum
    Hey guys, was wondering what you guys think about of my pups. The lady I got them from told me they are from the same litter, and both mom and dad are shih tzu. Not sure if I believe her 100%, what do you guys think? The lighter one is Clover, and the darker one is Honey.
  7. Rose here!

    Attention All New Members
    Hello All, I'm pretty new to "dog loving" lol. and hope everyone on here will please bare with me and all my silly questions about my two little shih tzu'. Their names are Honey and Clover and about 12 weeks old. They stress me out! I got them last month and was never told about littermate...
  8. Newbie from NYC

    Attention All New Members
    Hi, I recently adopted an adorable shih tzu from a local shelter. The poor baby was living in a puppy mill for the first few years of his life. He's generally doing great and adapting well to a much more pampered life. With that said, I'm having a lot of difficulty with walking him. Despite...
  9. Are my dogs Shih Tzus, Lhasa Apsos, or both?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi there, I'm new on dog forums, so I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I have two dogs; The male, Captain. The Female, Lilly. I can't tell if they are Shih Tzus, Lhasa Apsos, or one of each! I got Captain from the Humane Society (who said that he was a Lhasa) and I got Lilly from a...
  10. Shih Tzu Houdini

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My wife and I purchased a three year-old Shih Tzu, named Mr. Plops, from a local pet store a few months ago. Ploppy is our first and only dog and we are struggling with some basic dog owner tactics. I am hoping for some helpful tricks or advice. Background: Mr. Plops is a wonderful dog...
  11. Puppy Accidents

    General Dog Forum
    Hello, I'm having an issue with my dog and I'm running out of ideas. She is an 11 month old Shih Tzu and she is having accidents in the house. Now there's more to it than that. In our house our family room is connected to our kitchen which is connected to our living room which leads upstairs...
  12. Puppy yaps/barks on music..

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Every time I play Zoo Story on Ipad he wakes up and barks/yaps and would like to get out of his bed. Then as I place the Ipad and my dog on the floor, he walks around it. Licks on the speaker of the Ipad. But I also pick him up when he licks the speaker. He also pee whenever he hears that music...
  13. 5 month old Shih Tzu and potty training?

    Attention All New Members
    I have a new to me 5 month old Shih Tzu who is wonderful, but there is 1 problem. She REFUSES to go to the bathroom outside at night time, and night time only. Her previous owner dumped her at night and never came back to get her for 2 months and then I got her. We stood outside the other night...
  14. Which dog food do you feed your shih tzu?

    Dog Food Forum
    I have a 9 month old shih tzu named Maddi and I would like to find the best quality dry dog food for her. Right now I am feeding her Royal Canin Shih Tzu. She's been eating that since we got her from the breeder. The breeder was feeding her Royal Canin Puppy. We fed her puppy then recently...
  15. Shih Tzu with Double Row of Bottom Teeth

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi everyone, My shih tzu, Maddi, is 7 month old right now. She has a double row of front teeth at the bottom. There are 3 in the front and behind it there are 4. They are small. Are the front ones her baby teeth and the ones behind her new adult teeth? Should the baby teeth have fallen out when...
  16. Dremel 750-02 Minimite VS Dremel 761-03 Pet Nail Grooming Tool

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Hi everyone, I have a 7 month old shih tzu named Maddi. I get really nervous each time I have to clip her nails. Her nails are black so I can't see the quick. I have never cut her quick but sometimes when I clip her nails she will make a painful sound like I hurt her. I am looking into getting...
  17. Please help - Can't house train Shih Tzu, running out of options

    Dog Training Forum
    We've had our Shih Tzu Olive since she was a baby for a little over one year now. Overall, she's an amazing dog and my wife and I both love her dearly. There's just one thing that is really getting under our skin. House training our dog has been a great ordeal. Since we got her, she pees and...
  18. searching for a good dog food to avoid itching

    General Dog Forum
    my 2 yr. old shih tzu has been on eagle pack holistic (duck, fish & lamb-on rotation) and it's been good so far. i had a hard time looking for a good quality food he'd truly like and since I 've discovered eagle pack-he's been hooked. His itching hasn't stopped though. Took him to the vet & he...