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shepherd mix

  1. Best Toys for Bored Shepherd?

    General Dog Forum
    My big boy, Naches, is part Australian Shepherd and Chow. This is great because he has his lazy moments and his hyper moments. However, we just recently got him and he is really bored. We cannot trust him outdoors without a leash quite yet but we take him out as often as possible. Anyway, he...
  2. Help with dog breed!

    General Dog Forum
    Hi all! So we recently rescued this little girl. The shelter said they believed she might be GSD mix. We are unsure and are looking for some opinion and advice as to what breed she might be. We have a bigger dog who is a Rottweiler Collie mix and just want to have an idea of her potential size...
  3. New member with some questions, stories and maybe some learned advice :)

    Attention All New Members
    Hello All, I recently saved a stray dog ( seems to be red heeler/Shepherd mix) from the streets (people around here seem to care less if they hit animals or not) and have fallen in love with her from the first time she raided my yard. I have a few questions on behavior but will find...
  4. Lab x Shepherd x ???

    Dog Pictures Forum
    This is my lovely dog, Luna. I was told when I got her she was mostly lab, with a dash of shepherd. But where did her brindle come from, I wonder? Perhaps she's part dutch shepherd? Or boxer? Sorry for the low quality pictures! My camera got stolen when I had a birthday party :( so I only have...
  5. Help! Pharaoh Hound/Pitbull puppy?

    Attention All New Members
    Adopted Duke a couple months ago. I'm so confused as to what breed mix he is. We got him from Pet Smart and they said "lab mix" but then his papers from the shelter he came from said "pit mix". And I'm thinking there's no way he's both! Not with those ears! He was the runt of the litter and was...
  6. Curious as to what breeds you think my dogs are!

    General Dog Forum
    I have three beautiful dogs that I rescued from a northern First Nations reserve I worked at. I have been trying to figure out what breeds they could be. They are Cleo (has the big ears), scrappy (the fluffier one), and Ella (has the black coat). I have been told that Cleo looks like a German...
  7. Anyone have any ideas what my dog may be?

    General Dog Forum
    I rescued him at 8 weeks from a shelter I volunteer at. He is now 5 months old and 48lbs. He was listed as a husky mix, I'm guessing because of the mask. But after lots of comparing he really resembles an anatolian shepherd mix or even akita mix im not sure. . He is an interesting mutt.
  8. dog breed question

    General Dog Forum
    Can anyone tell me what breed she is? I purchased her and was told she was a husky/timber wolf mut but i doubt it. To me she doesnt look like a white german shepherd either tho. hopefully someone here can shed some light. these pics of dakota at 6 months, she has double dew claws in the two hind...
  9. Fearful aggression in rescue.

    Dog Rescue Forum
    We just rescued an 80lb German Shepher/Rottweiler mix, Louie. He's a great dog, or at least he wants to be. He is trying to learn to trust us but we have a few issues: 1. He's no longer allowed back to the vet until he gets used to a muzzle. It only took one trip for that rule to come into...
  10. The guessing game... Help please!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Greetings forum! I adopted a puppy a couple months ago (August to be exact). I was told that she was a full-bred GSD. She is now around 7-8 months, and it's obvious she's not full-bred. She has almost completely floppy ears (sometimes they go erect), a curly white-tip tail, white paws, and a...