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  1. Merle Red Australian Shepard

    Dog Pictures Forum
    This is Max, he is 7 months old and full of energy. We have two boys ages 3 and 5 they are becoming best buddies.
  2. I need help !!!

    Dog Training Forum
    So my sons little dog got out of the fence and was stolen. (my son is 5) we went to the pound and he got a new dog (paper works says hes a Lab retriever) His name is Shandow and hes about 1yr old (neutered). My son picked him out of all the puppies and other dogs in the pound and Shadow fallows...
  3. Need advice on getting an adult Border Collie/German Shepard mix to stop nipping

    Dog Training Forum
    Our dog is about seven years old, I've known him now for 3 years since I met my partner and he's always had a problem with nipping at feet and ankles whenever people are in our house. My partner insists that it's just his breed and that he's tried breaking him of the habit. Although I...
  4. My Bichon Just Loves Dogs on YouTube

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Here she's listening to the famous dog as it talks dog instead of humanspeak. Hope you like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHu11exhnLw
  5. what is my puppy? just got him, 4 months old.

    General Dog Forum
    i just adopted this puppy on saturday, i havent even taken him home yet because they have to neuter him first. i get him Wednesday evening. he's 4 months old and 40lbs already. they said he's a "chow/mix" i've owned two chow mixes before and I think the combination of red hair and black spotted...
  6. Does my dog have allergies or something worse????

    General Dog Forum
    Hello everyone! I have a Rott/Lab/shepard mix who is almost a year. I think he may have allergies or another medical condition. My husband thinks he is fine (and we are going to bring him to the vet asap, but I can"t sleep so I thought I would reach out to see if anyone had any ideas :)) Here...
  7. Do I have a border collie or an aussi shepard?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Up until now i thought i had a border collie but doing research on the internet i was thinking i have an australian shepard. posted below are some pictures of TROY! he's very special to me. very entergetic and always have 'humanlike' puppy eyes. he understands me and i can tell is super smart...