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shelter dog

  1. New Shelter Dog is a Mess

    Dog Training Forum
    I recently adopted a 1 year old chihuahua/rat terrier mix named Kaya from an adoption agency. They found her on the street with no collar, so they had no information about her previous owner or how she'd been treated. She's super affectionate and loving towards me and people she's had time to...
  2. Adopted a dog but I'm not ready

    Attention All New Members
    I recently adopted a dog (pit bull, not that it matters) from a shelter I volunteer at. I have only had him for a week now but after getting him home I realized I was so caught up of the idea of saving this little guy I didn't think of all the day to day attention he would require. I learned he...
  3. Leash Pulling- Biting-Tugging

    Dog Training Forum
    My boyfriend and I adopted a 12-month old, 80 lb male Shepherd mix from the animal shelter 2 weeks ago. According to the shelter, he was surrendered when his previous owners divorced. Cliff exhibited some signs of anxiety within his first few days at home (whining, pacing, excessive drooling...
  4. New here - What breed is my dog?

    Attention All New Members
    Hi everyone, I'm having hard time finding out what cross breed my rescued dog is. He is solid black with some white spots, brown eyes, floppy ears, skinny, medium sized,long legged and has a long pointy nose. so I'm guessing maybe he's a whippet mix? Here are some photos (he's 6 months old by...
  5. Can't figure out what mix my dog is!

    General Dog Forum
    We adopted this little girl from the shelter a few months ago. She's about 6 months old and weighs 34 lbs. The shelter listed her as "shepherd mix," but even the workers there seemed doubtful. One suggested husky because of her face markings. So we were thinking a husky mix until a few days ago...
  6. Long story: separation anxiety

    Dog Training Forum
    My partner and I got a Staffy runt puppy two and a half years ago. We're both teachers, and we noticed that all the stimulation, toys and puzzles in the world couldn't keep Agnes entertained while we were both at work. So we decided to rescue another dog as a companion to her. We did a lot of...
  7. What kind of dog is this

    General Dog Forum
    I know this isn't the greatest picture but could anybody tell me what they think this dog could be mixed with. The tag at the shelter says "Tan and White Terrier Mix" but i know that's not an actual breed. Plus I know that shelter's can't always identify a mix breed so the name it what it looks...
  8. Ready for another round of Guess That Breed?

    General Dog Forum
    My turn to post pictures of a shelter dog and try to guess what breed he is. His shelter name is Santa. If I get him I will change it before I leave the building. I put in my application in for him today so wish me luck! He is (said to be) 6. I'm guessing 40-55 pounds, pretty tall and its ALL...
  9. Any ideas on breed?

    Dog Rescue Forum
    Getting this lil' guy on Monday from the shelter and I'm curious what you guys may think of his breed? He's obviously a mutt, but I don't know what... His hind right foot has double dew claws, so I'm thinking Great Pyrenees or St. Bernard is in there. He's only 8 mo now and about 50ish lbs...
  10. Adult Shelter Dog - Newly Adopted - Nipping. Help!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello! I'm a first-time dog owner and struggling quite a bit. My husband and I got a 4 year old female corgi-sheltie mix at the local Humane Society about a week ago. She doesn't bother our 2 cats and seems like she likes it here, but I'm very concerned about her nipping. She nipped our vet...
  11. I'm new but I've been here a lot

    Attention All New Members
    I've been looking at this forum for a while. I've read some great advise so i finaly felt like joining. First dog is my old boy Zues. he is now 10, over weight,and just as stuborn as he was 9 years ago, but I love him. he is a rescued GSD hound cross. Second dog is Bailey. A 5 year old chow...
  12. Seeking Advice for training a "wild" 2 year old spaniel mix

    Dog Training Forum
    We have recently (2 days!) adopted a 2 year old spaniel mix. He is a beautiful dog, affectionate and our family already loves him. However, the previous owners were neglectful to a high degree, and this dog is essentially a 2 year old puppy. He is unused to being in the house, completely...
  13. Shelter dog

    General Dog Forum
    Okay so Im 19, I live with my mom, 15 year old brother and 3 dogs 2 cats and a rat. Last month my best friends dog suddenly passed away:(. So last week we where looking at PetFinder.com because she was thinking of getting a new dog in a few weeks. As we where looking I saw Byron...
  14. Stubby Dog Shelter Pit of the Week

    Dog Rescue Forum
    Hello friends, my name is Glory and I'm from Hamilton County, Indiana. Can you believe a pretty pittie girl like ME, has been in the shelter for 18 MONTHS?! Isn't it awful? I need a home! I know ALL of my basic commands, I walk perfectly on a leash and I love humans of all ages! I love attention...
  15. Easy Living

    Dog Pictures Forum
    This is another of our pet dogs, Baby. Got her from a local shelter as a puppy. She sometimes gets it in her head that she is a human :) Absolutely loves water and will get into the bath tub (when its dry) to take naps.