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  1. Looking for suggestion for an effective solution to keep home pet hair free.

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Hello dog parents! Greetings of the day! Since last few days my dizzy had started shedding excessively. She is currently going under medication as vet has suggested two reasons for her excessive sheddding. Our vet said that it could be due to two reasons either due to some allergies or due to...
  2. What Kind of Brush for Pit-Mix?

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Naima's a Pit/Boxer mix, and has a very short, sleek coat. I want to brush her more, so that I don't find quite as much black fur all over my white sheets and blankets, but I'm not sure what to use. Most of the brushes I see for pets in stores look very sharp and metallic, and as if they'd cut...
  3. Japanese Chin vs Papillon dogs ( shedding & barking )

    General Dog Forum
    This is a question for any owners (current or former) of Japanese chins and/or Papillon dogs... I live in an apt, working (mostly) from home, with a (dog-friendly) park just down the street from me. I am moderately active and enjoy being outdoors (when the weather allows). (I live in the...
  4. First not enough shedding, now too much?

    General Dog Forum
    I am definitely a first time dog owner (cue embarrassed face). First I was worried my dog didn't shed enough, now I'm worried she's shedding too much. I know it sounds crazy, but I just want to check to make sure that I am, indeed, just a crazy first time dog owner and that there isn't actually...
  5. New member!

    Attention All New Members
    Hi everyone.I have a 12 week old shih tzu baby boy. He is up to date on his vaccinations (3 rounds) and has been checked for worms. He is on a grain-free diet and is very active and healthy. Recently, he started shedding a TON -- thin, wispy hairs are going everywhere. He's registered with AKC...
  6. Akita/GSD mix out of control!

    Dog Grooming Forum
    I know these dogs shed but this is just out of control </3 I brush her for 30 mins every day broken into 2 times of 15 mins. We also give her salmon oils and a 'shed control' in her food. I use 3 kinds of brushes as well. Wire, kong rubber, and to finish I use the furminator lightly. The...
  7. Best time for "Deshedding" treatment?

    Dog Grooming Forum
    So... I have a furry, double-coated dog. Its almost spring-time. I'm sure you can see where this is going... Is there are particular time of year when dogs start to blow their coat, and how long does it last? I mean, generally - (there's a huge difference between one week of fur everywhere...
  8. URGENT: American Bulldog- Insane shedding

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, My American Bulldog is around 3 years old, I always remember him shedding a little and finding his tell-tale little white hairs sometimes around the house but now it is EVERYWHERE. We haven't changed his diet so I don't know what the issue is. He is constantly shedding and has these red...
  9. Siberian Husky

    General Dog Forum
    Hi to all Siberian Husky owners! :wave: I invite you all to have our discussions about these wonderful fur-kids and tell your story! :)
  10. raw food diet--shedding

    Dog Food Forum
    Hey, I'm new to this raw food thing, and have only been doing it for a few months now (I've kind of lost track of when I started). Basically I switched because I was spending at least 150$ per month feeding kibble and my two little dogs didn't even want to eat it. I read about raw food and saw...
  11. Grooming Brushes which is best

    Dog Grooming Forum
    My dog is a mix breed with rottweiler hair every brush i used to groom her make her jump (she has tumors and cysts), what is the best type of brush to use?
  12. petsmart grooming

    Dog Grooming Forum
    I took in My 8 month old puppy, Lilo, to about a month ago to get the matting behind her ears shaved and her nails clipped. Shes scared to death of nail grinders, clippers, files, etc. So I figured, "hey, petsmart knows how to deal with bratty dogs, why not?". she's never been to the groomer...
  13. The Shedding is INSANE!

    Dog Grooming Forum
    As I said, THE SHEDDING IS INSANE!!! :eek: I have a pomeranian, so yea haha Anywho, the hair is literally everywhere. The last time I had my dog over my house was like 3 weeks ago, and we still have hair covering our sheets and clothes and floor. Ive been cleaning each day, WTF o_o I am...
  14. Excessive Shedding

    General Dog Forum
    So recently Gizmo has started shedding like crazy. If you pull on some fur ALOT of it comes out. I don't know whether or not he's losing his puppy coat and getting his adult coat or if its the TOTW Pacific Stream formula we switched him to. The other two dogs don't have this problem though Taz...
  15. Shedding, Shedding, & Shedding

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Does anyone have experience with Newfoundlands? Is shedding a big problem? And is it recommended to clip them and how often? Thanks!
  16. my puppy's shedding issue

    Dog Grooming Forum
    I have a 10 1/2 week old puppy (half rotti, not sure the other half). My husband gave her part of his dinner the other day which included onions (I know they are bad for her and told him a few days before the incident, he didn’t listen) needless to say she was sick that night (vomiting, no...
  17. Shedding stopped

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Buy a Furmigator and your shedding problems are over. Everybody wants to find a dog that does not shed and there are only few: poodles,bishon frieze,maltese,schnauser...all great but not large so just buy the dog you want and buy a Furmigator and use it. Problem solved.