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  1. Training My Own Service Dog

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    So... lemme start by staying, I DO have SOME experience with this and with training dogs in general, tho they were not MY dogs. They were dogs my mom had back when I lived with her and helped her train her--at the time--service dog, as well as her other two. But... that said, this is still my...
  2. Possibility of 4 year old (with a rough history) being trained as Service Dog?

    Dog Training Forum
    My 4 year old girl has had a pretty rough first few years of her life with her previous owners. (You can read some about that in my intro post here.) She was never trained in basic obedience, and it has been really difficult to try to teach her any basics ever since I took her in, especially...
  3. HELP! whining is tearing dog and handler apart!

    Dog Training Forum
    beau a two year old catahoula will whine just to whine he whines about nothing i have tried ignoring remote collar rewarding when quite giving a correction when whineing he is an awesome dog everything is great with him exept this its splitting us apart :Cry::Cry::Cry::Cry:
  4. hello!

    Attention All New Members
    2 catahoulas a kelpie and two cats who think there do also im glad i found a decent forum i hope yall provide some great info :wave::wave::wave::wave::wave:
  5. Lost without my service dog...

    Attention All New Members
    Hi everyone! I am a new member here. I stumbled across this site while looking at other dog lover forums as I was spreading the word about a campaign I started to help raise money to get my service pup out of impound. So here I am, a dog owner who is desperately missing her service dog. I am...
  6. Service Vs Therapy Dog Colors

    General Dog Forum
    I am curious! I am aware that some organizations have certain colors associated with them, that all colors are allowed, and that service dogs do not even need any sort of vest or identifying equipment. However, because most do, I've decided to ask based on your observations or personal...
  7. Fake service dogs at Disney

    General Dog Forum
    Ugh. I'm a frequent WDW goer, and I've been seeing a LOT of fake service dogs there lately. No, guy with meh behaved lab in a prong collar, you were not fooling dog savvy people, but thanks for undoubtedly making things harder for people who have legit service dogs ō_ō. Rantrantrant....Anybody...
  8. Program vs. Owner Trained PSDs

    Dog Training Forum
    I need a service dog, I am considered disabled and my other treatments aren't working. I've been researching PSDs for years, and I'm a bit baffled by the responses I keep getting. While I've had loads of experience having dogs, my family has never focused on traditional training. Our dogs were...
  9. What are the best organizations to get a fully-trained psychiatric service dog from?

    General Dog Forum
    I live in Southern California and suffer from severe depression and an anxiety disorder making life very difficult. I have been advised that receiving a psychiatric service dog would improve my quality of life, but am having tremendous difficulty locating a good program. I've already looked...
  10. Beating my head against a wall regarding training my own psychological service dog

    Dog Training Forum
    So, a little background may be in order.. (And i'm sorry if this was posted in the wrong area it seemed applicable. If not just move 'er around :) ) i suffer from PTSD, Chronic fatigue syndrome (and all things associated with it) and have anxiety attacks. i'm not on any medications for it as...
  11. Train my own Hearing Ear Service Dog?

    Dog Training Forum
    I'm mildly hearing impaired (moderate hearing loss in the middle frequency range, about the pitch of a man's voice), and have two hearing aids. I have enjoyed working with dogs for years, and next month my fiance and I will be obtaining our first puppy together. I believe it would be rewarding...
  12. New to the forum, not to dogs.

    Attention All New Members
    Hello! I'm Julee. I'll be sixteen next month and I have two dogs, a nine year old lab, Shadow, and a three year old lab mix, Embyr. Both dogs are rescued, Embyr is my owner trained psychiatric service dog for schizophrenia and PTSD. We're from the small town of Kent, CT, and reside with four...
  13. Intro

    Attention All New Members
    My name is Brittany, and I have a (almost) four-year-old Labrador x Smooth Fox Terrier mix named Mumble. His birthday is 7-7-07. I was recently approved to own a PSD (psychiatric service dog). I have been working on training with him. I have PTSD and an anxiety disorder. Mumble helps to lessen...
  14. Must see inspirational dog video

    General Dog Forum
    You may have seen this already, but if not, this is my inspirational dog video that went viral and has almost 2 million views. People say you need kleenex nearby. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGODurRfVv4 Ricochet www.surfdogricochet.com