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  1. Need advice re changing of pack

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi - my girlfriend and I went separate ways almost 2 months ago. We got a puppy when he was 10 weeks and is now almost 10 months. She moved away back home and Ajay (dog) is with me and staying with me. Ex gf wants to come and take him for a week back to her house... He is a mini Australian...
  2. separation anxiety or what?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I have a 7 week old Pomeranian, Javier. He is having lots of problems with pretty much everything but it is all rooted in one main problem, which is he will NOT leave my side. (As I type this he is sitting on my lap.) He doesn't like to eat unless I am right there. He won't go potty outside...
  3. Dog Separation Anxiety

    Dog Training Forum
    My first dog is a border collie cross named Scout that I got from a shelter. She developed separation anxiety when she was just six months old. She was abandoned in a school yard at 4 weeks, and spent the next 5 weeks of her life at a shelter. I got her when he was 9 weeks old and he was a...
  4. How to help with separation?? Help please!

    General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone. I need some help here. In January I am going to study abroad for four months and am having to leave my shih tzu at home. I live at home with my parents so she will not be having to go to a different home but she is very (and when I say very that is probably an understatement)...
  5. Having some trouble getting my dog over his separation anxiety

    Dog Training Forum
    We've been trying desensitization, but it isn't doing us any good. Whether we are gone for 5 minutes or 5 hours, he whines, barks and destroys anything he can get his teeth or paws on. He uses the bathroom throughout the house or garage, where ever we are keeping him. He scratches at doors, and...
  6. separation anxiety

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello, I brought home my 11 week old shih tuz-chihuahua mix puppy two days ago. Every since I have brought him home he can not be anywhere without me. If I leave him in the room with my boyfriend he whines until I come back into the room. When we walk he is always by my feet and if I stop, he...
  7. Re-Training

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a concern about how to train my dog ... again. Cooper is a one-year-old Beagle (just turned 1) and has been trained at home since a little puppy. He's never coped well when I leave the house but he usually cries for a little bit and then plays with his toys. Lately, he's been barking...
  8. Separation anxiety in 10 month old beagle pup

    Dog Training Forum
    So I picked up a second beagle from a friend who couldn't keep him anymore. My first pup had separation anxiety for the first 3 weeks. Then after that, she learned that I was coming back, etc.. Now this new pup, he was fairly mistreated, locked up in a huge wire crate in the basement, they...