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  1. Drippy butt

    Dog Food Forum
    lost..(food frustrations) Hi, I've been researching dog foods on websites like dogfoodadvisor, trying to find a high quality kibble for my dog. I have a 3 y/o Boston Terrier that has been on TOTW for about 2 years. I know it's a decent food. He has an EXTREMELY sensitive stomach, ever since...
  2. Need HELP! My VERY well trained 4 year old dog is now Peeing in my bedroom

    Dog Training Forum
    Let me start with a little history. Ray Ray has been in my life for 4 years and has been completely potty trained, meaning not one accident in 3 years. About 8 months ago we got a new puppy Sookie...and things have been a bit crazy potty training her, but Ray has totally kept her cool. I...
  3. Puppy with diarrhea, need puppy food suggestions!

    Dog Food Forum
    My wife and I unfortunately lost our two adult dogs this past July, one to cancer and the other to a stroke. We just recently purchased a Yellow Lab puppy (he's a "Dudley"). He is currently 9 1/2 weeks old and weighs 18 1/2 pounds. We have had him for approximately 2 1/2 weeks. The breeder...
  4. Sensitive legs and paws

    Dog Health Questions
    Okay, so today I tried to trim Taz's nails and well... let's just say it ended with Taz crying and whining and pushing away every chance he got :( This isn't the first time this is happened but I remember the first time I trimmed his nails he did just fine. So I put the clippers away, calmed him...
  5. Updated dog food review site?

    Dog Food Forum
    Any recommendations for a dog food review site for canned dog food that is up to date? I once used dog food analysis, but with most reviews for canned food having been done in 2006 I just don't trust the information anymore. Way too much has changed! I have ruled out Wellness & Natural...