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sensitive stomach

  1. Training Treats for a Senistive Stomach?

    Dog Food Forum
    Hello! I'm currently having some issues finding good snacks to give my dog when we're training. Yesterday we were working on our recall at the dog park, and I remembered back when we did puppy classes we were told things like cheese and hot dogs were good training treats. He can be difficult to...
  2. Better quality dog food for multi-dog household!

    Dog Food Forum
    Hello! 1st time poster here. Looking for dog food advice, so let me give you a bit of background: We have 3 dogs: 1. A senior JRT/chi mix 2. An adult Cavapoo; and 3. A 3 year old collie/boxer/maybe pit mix that I swear is part skunk (he's 50-60 lbs) Anyway, we "open range feed", as the...
  3. She hates kibble, but has tummy problems from one day of not eating?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I have a female miniature schnauzer, barely 10 pounds, not quite two years old yet. I am a first time owner and have had her about 7 months, prior to which I lived under the same roof as her for nearly a year (the breeder is a relative). In a sense she is a rescue. My aunt/breeder had chosen...
  4. What home made food do you make for your dogs?

    Dog Food Forum
    So, my Sadie girl has pretty bad stomach problems through out her whole life. Been on and off different dog foods, seen the vet multiple times with little outcome. Her stomach is just so sensitive, even since i adopted her from the pound at 10 months old. I'm thinking about finally making her...