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  1. facial twitching?

    Attention All New Members
    hello, I have a 9 year old/senior male border collie/husky/shepherd mix. he is about 50 lbs. he's been with me as a companion since he was 3 months old. he is otherwise very, very healthy for his age. strong, agile, fast, always full of energy. only way he's been showing his age in the past...
  2. Obese Senior Dog.. Terrible Teeth. Advice Please.

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello friends, it's been awhile. In less than a week we will be bringing a 10 year old dog into the house. I dog-sat her for two weeks last summer and fell head-over-heels in love with her. When I found out they no longer wanted her, I jumped on the chance to give her a new home. ANYways...
  3. Manufacturer's Feeding Recommendations?

    Dog Food Forum
    Hello, So i'm looking into switching my dog's food for multiple reasons. #1 Got a $10 off on Purina Pro Plan dry dog food #2 My senior dog is maintaining her still heavy frame on a much lower amount of food than what is recommended i give her #3 My friend works at Purina manufacturing plant, and...
  4. Hey, there!

    Attention All New Members
    Hello, my name is Catherine. I'm employed the an SPCA, and have 3 rescue dogs. I registered for this site because I recently adopted an older (8years) Olde English Bulldog. This is the first old man I've ever had the privilege of caring for, so I have many questions and look forward to...
  5. I need help with constant urination with 13yo lab!

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi all, I'm new here! Decided to join because I needed some opinions on my lab. I have a 13 yo spayed lab who had incontinence issues. The vet put her on proin and it worked for a bit but then stopped working. He upped her dosage and it was working fine but recently we moved and right before we...
  6. New dog, new owners, some questions

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    We adopted an 8yo Standard American Eskimo 5 days ago. For the most part, things have been going very well - he is exceptionally well behaved, absolutely adorable, walks well with the exception of some barrier/leash aggression that is already showing improvement. Snowball is not crate trained...
  7. Senior dog having seizures.... I'm having a hard time with this!

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello, I'll try to make this brief and keep my emotions out as much as possible! Last August, my 10 year old toy poodle starting having horrible episodes. She would turn her head to one side, run around, and scream this horrible scream. I thought it was something with her neck so I took her to...
  8. 10 yr. old dog barking continuously at night to go outside over and over-he okay?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello, My 10 yr. old dog has been barking continuously at night to keep going outside. We let him out and back in awhile later. Within 10 minutes of being let back in he will start barking again. He does not bark throughout the day to go out and only started this barking at night all the time...
  9. What to do for aging pet? Solution?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello all I am doing research for a natural supplement that will help out our aging loved ones. I have talked with vets and they have said joint, urinary and stomach issues are most common. I wanted to reach out to actual owners and ask you what you would like help with in order to keep our...
  10. Late Life Breeding

    General Dog Forum
    I hope someone can help me. My dog is a 12 year-old Border Collie mix. Because of his saddle color and legs, we're pretty sure his mix is some other kind of shepherd. Anyway, from when he was very young, Pete has exhibited some very high intelligence and actually shows emotions. Needless to...
  11. Senior dog bed suggestions?

    General Dog Forum
    Looking for a bed for my 12 y/o 45 pound labmix. At night he climbs up to the bed with the help of stairs so I'm looking for a comfy spot during the day. He used to like a futon I had on my floor but we got rid of it. Seems foam is the way to go, memory foam with some other kind of high...
  12. At what age is a dog considered senior?

    General Dog Forum
    I'm writing a research paper about senior dogs and I was wondering if you could possibly answer my question :) http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MPYQQTT It literally should only take a few seconds! Thank you, I appreciate the help!