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  1. picky senior dog won't eat

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi my dog (female Yorkie, 14 years, 4 pounds) is a serious picky eater. She can’t eat dry food (bad teeth) and hated wet food since she was a baby. These days she’s been not eating and having diarrhea so I took her to the vet today and they gave us meds and recommended we feed chicken breast or...
  2. I want to return our rescue dog

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi everyone this is my first post and it is a long one but I hope that it is taken in the spirit it is meant as I don't need to be told what an irresponsible owner I am because we are trying really hard. My daughter (11) and myself are first time dog owners, literally know nothing about owning...
  3. Crate Training for adult, blind dog

    General Dog Forum
    Our 13-year old Brittany has been blind for about 2 years. He has always been anxious, but now he is super anxious especially when left home alone. We had attempted to crate train him when he was a puppy but he seemed to hate it from day one--I'm talking chewing the crate, lunging himself...
  4. Dog food brand for senior dog?

    Dog Food Forum
    Hello, everyone! My dog, Lara, is a senior medium-sized dog-she's 13 years old. I would like to change her food and turn into a better one and I would like to hear your opinion. I'm between Hills, ProPlan and Nutro Natural Choice (their specialised products for senior dogs). I'm giving you the...
  5. A few dogs needing rescuing in Colorado

    Dog Rescue Forum
    Hi everyone, I've asked a moderator if this is an appropriate post, and I haven't received a reply but I don't think it violates any rules? If it does, please tell me because I'd like to remain an active member of this board in the long term. I'm a newer member of the forums but I would...
  6. 7 Year Old Rescue Shiba Inu Questions

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello: My wife and I just rescued a 7 year old Shiba from the shelter. It's only been 3 days since we've had her, but she's made so much progress in some areas, and not so much in others. Before she was at the shelter, she was in a crate for at least 12 hours a day. I'm not sure if this gave...
  7. Human Glucosamine powder for dogs?

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi I heard that it's okay to feed my 7yo shih tzu boy human glucosamine supplement rather than buying the overpriced pet joint supplements. I am thinking of buying "Nutra Life MSM Glucosamine Chondroitin Joint Food Powder 1kg Ligaments Cartilage" which contains: Per Serving (30g) Glucosamine...
  8. Change to Senior Diet???

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi, I have a male shih tzu who is turning 7 very soon!! He is definitely less playful than when he was younger, but still fit and gets walked at least half an hour everyday. Teeth in good condition and his digestion system seems to be just fine. I've been told that a dog should go on to a...
  9. My Old Girl

    General Dog Forum
    So I have been having some heart break with my 13/14 y/o german shepherd/husky mix. She is beyond her life expectancy and I'm not sure how to handle it all. This is the first dog I ever had, she has been there watching me grow up. I know she will go sooner or later and it just kills me. I can't...
  10. Is my Senior Dog in PAIN or just Scared??? HELP!

    Dog Health Questions
    I think the title says it all. I don't know if he is in pain or scared. I feel either is serious, yet I don't know what to do to correct the problem even if I could tell the difference. Let me thank you in adavnce for your much needed assistance & apologize about the length of the post. I am...
  11. Senior Dog.... Bad Breath or Something Else?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello All! I'm new to this site. I've had pets all my life but have never encountered this unusual problem until now ~ my 13 year old Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix has a smell... like something died in her mouth! I've been using canine toothpaste and breath freshener treats for several months and the...
  12. Backyard vs. apartment

    Attention All New Members
    My lhasa apso/shih tzu is 12 yrs. old (13 in June). He lives with my parents who have a big backyard that he is used to. He sleeps in the garage at night and has free access to the yard all day. I don't particularly like the food they feed him (whatever's on sale, no regard to dietary needs or...
  13. Senior Dog in Heat

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a 12 yr old terrier/spaniel/bulldog mix. She has gone into heat twice this summer & I thought dogs were supposed to stop doing that around age 7. Anyone have any advice or knowledge? Thanks, Erin