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  1. picky senior dog won't eat

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi my dog (female Yorkie, 14 years, 4 pounds) is a serious picky eater. She can’t eat dry food (bad teeth) and hated wet food since she was a baby. These days she’s been not eating and having diarrhea so I took her to the vet today and they gave us meds and recommended we feed chicken breast or...
  2. Transfering to Senior food for a dog with allergies

    Dog Food Forum
    Good morning (its a.m. where I'm at) :wave: I have two dogs, India (Lab) & Navarre (Retriever mix). They are now 8 & 7 years old respectively. And I'm thinking about switching them to dog food for seniors, but there is an issue: Navarre has food allergies. He's been on Nutro Limited Ingredient...