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seizures in dogs

  1. 4 year old black lab having "seizure" like symptoms. want opinion please!

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    ok so this morning Chevy our lab was outside playing with our two little dogs and he laid down and all 4 legs tensed and started shaking. his eyes were dilated to the point you couldnt even tell they were brown... he was whining and trying so hard to move. fell over a few times in the process...
  2. Is he having some kind of fit or seizure?

    Dog Health Questions
    In recent months my Labrador is acting strangely. He is 14 years old and in good shape considering his age. However on his walk or following long car journeys he appears to collapse onto his side, his front paws seize up he takes a pee then after staying dealdy still. Then gets to his feet and...
  3. Dog acting lethargic?

    Dog Health Questions
    My dog is typically a pretty high energy dog, especially after we wake up or come home. Today he's been acting very lethargic. When I woke up he was shivering and then later when I came home he acted like he wanted to pick up his ball, and would open his mouth, and then stopped. This happened a...
  4. We are experiencing seizures with several of our dogs, is anyone else?

    Dog Health Questions
    We have 10 small dogs. We've had 4 experience minor seizures and disorientation. The 4 that have had the episodes are the smallest (under 5 lbs) The disorientation stays for a bit. Some times they loose their bladder afterwords and/or throw up food. I've been through the house and outside...