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  1. Dog trainer course

    Dog Training Forum
    I already have a decent base knowledge as a dog trainer, but looking to have more expansive knowledge- learn about agility, nose work, dog sports, and assistance dog training. Does anyone have experience with in-person courses? I have already read multiple books and taken an online course on...
  2. Hello!

    Attention All New Members
    I'm a senior in college, and hopefully headed to veterinary school in a year or so (depending on if I get accepted or not :yield:). Meanwhile, I'm trying to finish up my undergrad degree in animal science. And I'm also thinking about getting a new dog (which brings me here! :D). My family had a...
  3. hello and a quick question

    Attention All New Members
    hey everyone, my name is kyle and i currently live with my girlfriend laurie. we have been living together for 3 years now and have been dating for 5!!!! i spent my whole life with a dog, i was born into a house with an american rednose pitbull (a big teddy bear) and when he passed away my...
  4. Starting School again...what do I do with my dog?!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    So, I'm starting school back up really soon and I'm worried about how my dog will do when I'm gone. Fortunately it's only for 3 days a week but it'll be from 8:30am-4pm plus the 2 hour commute that it takes me to get to and from. I'm worried that she won't do okay being alone for that long...
  5. Any pro-raw vets?

    Dog Food Forum
    Not sure if this should be here or in health, but- I'm very interested in continuing school to become a vet. But I want to encourage people to feed raw and follow more holistic practices. Has anyone here been through vet school or know anybody who has that also feeds raw? What was it like? Did...
  6. My dream is becomeing a reality! (happy rant)

    General Dog Forum
    OK since I am new here, y'all must be thinking "oh no not another wacko." I promise I'm not. So any way, I've always known that I wanted to do some thing with animals, preferable Dogs or Horses. Since the horse market is in the toilet I gave up on that. I am now going to be a Dog Groomer...
  7. First dog, but I'm just in high school

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    It's my first time here so please bare with me. I recently received a dog over the course of my first year high school. I wake up at 5 am in the morning to get ready for school. I come home at about 4 pm. I don't know how to feed it over the hours I am away from home. but here are some of my...
  8. Grooming School freshman

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Hi all, I just joined the forum tonight. I'm starting grooming school next month at Nash Academy in New Jersey and since I don't know any groomers in my area, I thought I'd try to find a group to chat about things with on line. I spent the day trying to locate used tools to start school...