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  1. Really Cute Wolf Dog Playing video - can I do this with my own dog?

    General Dog Forum
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNZbfzN2Hwc :wave: I saw this great video of zoo type enrichment on Youtube - using scent to get a wolf excited about playing. Does anyone do this with their own dog, or would it work the same way on a "normal" dog? I noticed the other dogs in the video don't...
  2. jake the money dog

    Attention All New Members
    Most puppies like to chew shoes or furniture and so on but my dog has thing for cash money. we keep missing $ and finding it in his cage.last month he dug up a coffee can with 830.00 in it just off a bike path. l guess we need to keep him away from the bank and atms for that matter. we no longer...
  3. Scent work - puppy does not identify toy

    Dog Training Forum
    I very recently started to teach my dog to find a ball stuffed with cheese (which I will later replace with truffles, so I want her to pick that particular smell) which I hide in various places in the garden. In the beginning of the lesson I let her smell and play with the ball a bit, then I...
  4. train my basset to track my children

    General Dog Forum
    I have a new 3 year old basset hound that I got from the shelter about a week ago. I love bassets for several reasons, BUT one of the top 2 reasons that I got him is because we have 4 children. My 4 year old daughter was missing last year. She was recovered safely, but I made up my mind that I...
  5. Dog Cucumber Melon Cologne Recomendation

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Dog Cologne Hi, just about 2 weeks ago I brought my dog to the petsmart grooming center and my dog came back smelling like cucumber melon because of the cologne they used. Thats when i decided that i want to find a cucumber melon cologne for my dog because i really like the scent. So far I've...