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scared during walks

  1. First Time Owner: Scared Puppy

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My husband and I adopted a 3 month old (16 weeks) puppy of an unknown breed from a rescue/ shelter. We were told he was part lab but I'm not sure if I believe this to be true. He is very curious, gentle, and playful. He already returns his toys wile playing fetch but doesn't know the command...
  2. Puppy sits or lays down and refuses to walk

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a 15 week old Chihuahua/Terrier mix puppy. She keeps having issues when I walk her. She usually does great on walks but recently, she has not done so great. I have a harness for her. She will walk a ways, then just sit down or lay down. Sometimes she is looking at something (in which...
  3. Puppy isn't crazy about the outside world

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My girlfriend just rescued a dog two weeks ago, it looks like a yellow lab / white greyhound mix (maybe) and its about 5 months old. He's a great dog, good with kids, loves other dogs, never aggressive ...but he really doesn't seem to enjoy going out side. He goes crazy inside the apartment and...
  4. Please Help , newly adopted dog terrified of sounds how can i help!!!!

    Dog Training Forum
    Ok So let me start by saying im a 26 yr old calm assertive guy i did alot of research before adopting her ... i trust and believe in cesar millan but for some reason no matter what i read , or watch him or some other trainer, i cant seem to understand whats happening I adopted Lucy a...