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scared dog

  1. Help please!!!

    General Dog Forum
    I think my dog is traumatized or depressed in the house! He won't come out of his crate or walk around the house. I have to remove him from his crate to get him to come out and when he does he goes straight to his bed and stays there. The odd thing is that he's a different animal when he gets to...
  2. Anxious Pup

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi Everyone...I apologize for the long post. My fiance and I adopted an 8 month old mix 2 weeks ago. We knew going into it that she is extremely shy, she has been in 6 different homes in her short life. At this point Bailey(that's her name) is struggling a lot with the change. She is very...
  3. Older Dog Not Used to New Puppy

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello Everyone! I just adopted a sweet 3 month old American Staff/Labrador mix named Axle. I (and my family) already had another dog who is a 3 years old Maltese/Yorkshire named Bailey. He is quite spoiled and is not used to other dogs. When they first met, Bailey ran away scared. If Axle moves...
  4. Socializing Scared Chihuahuas

    Dog Training Forum
    I adopted two previously abused female chihuahuas and been working on them in obedience. However, they're still very frightened of strangers, dogs, and new experiences. When they are inside the house and any of the above enters, it becomes a barkfest. When we encounter those things outside, they...
  5. Puppy acting scared at bedtime

    General Dog Forum
    Our 10 month old lab mix recently started hiding under the endtable by our couch when it is time for bed. She sleeps in our room with us and has since she was a puppy. She will be cuddling with us on the couch and when we get up to take her out before bed she runs under the endtable and won't...
  6. Hello!

    Attention All New Members
    Hey there! I have a schnauzer poodle X thats been having some behavior issues.
  7. Dog startled by me correcting the kitten

    General Dog Forum
    I adopted a cat a couple of months ago. Before getting her I had been given the advice of filling a jar with coins to shake, to discourage the cat from doing things she shouldn't (scratching my furniture rather than her posts, climbing the Christmas tree, and other mishchevious things kittens...