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  1. City life, Giardia and fecal waste plants parading as dog parks, Oh my!

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi eveyrone! I have a few questions regarding the title mentions. My husband and I live in a condo in the city, we recently adopted our first dog, Benji. Who is a rescue. This week he was tested for Giardia and it came back positive, despite the doctor thinking he seemed like a perfectly healthy...
  2. Cost effective kennel cleaners?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi I work in a non-profit animal sanctuary and am trying to find affordable and effective cleaners to use in the indoor runs. We currently use Consume to eliminate all the bacteria and wash away pet waste/bodily fluids. The product is great and hasn't failed us, but the price is a little out...
  3. Cost effective kennel cleaners?

    Attention All New Members
    I work in an animal shelter and we currently use Consume to clean the indoor kennels for the dogs. The product is great and really help keep odors at bay, but it is very expensive (about $20/gal) and we use quite a lot of it. We are a non-profit organization and I'm trying to find other...
  4. Artificial Turf Cleaning

    General Dog Forum
    Hi all, We live in the Phoenix area and have a xeriscape backyard including artificial turf. Now that we have a pup I want to sanitize the areas where she eliminates. Anyone have suggestions as to what works best (vinegar, bleach, the more expensive turf cleaner options, etc)? We're planning...