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  1. Should I get a samoyed?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My samoyed would have an outside dog kennel where he/she would sleep and a crate for when the weather is bad. The dog would be in a household of six people. I have a pretty big yard where we could spend time with him/her. Is it a problem that during the weekdays no one will be home from 9 am to...
  2. Litter Retraining for Adult Dog

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello all :) I just recently joined this forum and have decided to post for the first time since quite frankly I'm completely confused on how to handle the situation I'm in. I have two dogs, Russian Samoyeds, around a year old both of them. The male is the laziest dog I have ever seen while the...
  3. Your "Snow Dogs" & pics? (Huskies, malamutes etc...)(Mixes welcome)

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Post 'em up! My husky, Misti...