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  1. Hello from Reno, Nevada!

    Attention All New Members
    I am the proud owner of a Saluki/Coyote. "Coydog?" I found this site by searching for her bloodline. I may have found her family bloodline in Austin?! Very excited. We've had our baby since March 2011, she was 3 months old when we adopted her (her brother was adopted the same day by another...
  2. Building a bond

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello all! I hope it's OK to post this in here, I'm new and didn't really feel that it fitted anywhere else. This isn't really about 'training', but I'll give a bit of background so you've got a better idea. My Husband and I moved to Dubai in January, we're both from the UK and have always...
  3. New Saluki Puppy

    Dog Pictures Forum
    This is our new Saluki puppy, Khamsin's Shadhavar ("Shady"). We've had her for 6 days now. Cute as a button, but also a handful! She's 9 weeks old, and hyper-smart. She learned to sit from voice command only in just two 5-minute sessions! Her dam was a smooth silver grizzle (almost black and...
  4. Hello from Virginia

    Attention All New Members
    I have one West Siberian Laika and two pairs of Saluki. My hounds run off leash an hour or longer every day. I breed them occasionally. I worked in areas of wildife biology and agriculture, doing research and teaching' I am retired now, but still publish books and articles about dogs and...
  5. Hunting

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    Hi everybody. I am new here. Unfortunately, I did not find any department for huting with dog activities. I am a retired zoologist, currently live in Virginia and keep one West Siberian Laika and four Saluki originated out of aboriginal hunitng strains. My hounds are exercised every day...