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  1. Help! Shy 5 Month Old Saint Bernard Puppy

    Dog Training Forum
    My husband and I brought home our sweet Holly a month ago (12 weeks old). She was raised on a farm with a very kind family (she was a runt of a litter of 14). She is sweet, gentle and lively with our family and our other dog. I currently have her in puppy training and she is doing great with...
  2. Good Home-made Food (Plus Treats) Recipes for St Bernard/German Shepherd Mix?

    Dog Food Forum
    I am wondering if there are people on this forum that create their own food for their dog? I am not looking for "raw", but I am wanting cooked recipes specifically made for larger dogs, if not for Saint Bernards and German Shepherds. I've checked a lot of different websites for recipes, but...
  3. New Member

    Attention All New Members
    Hi everyone! New member and mom of a 10 year old Saint Bernard and a 3 year old Australian Shepard/Black Lab mix.
  4. hi, New here and new to rescue. .

    Attention All New Members
    Hi everyone, We just rescued an 18 month old saint bernard. We do have experience having a saint, but we are new to rescue. She's absolutely wonderful in the home. Is great with our cat. Seems to learn commands quickly. But that all goes out the door when we leave the house. She loves...
  5. Question about St Bernard puppy..

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello. I am new to this forum and I have been reading some great advice on here. We have added a St Bernard puppy to our family, and we named him Yeti. When we bought him we were told that he was 8 weeks old and ready to leave his mom and his 10 littermates. We brought him home and took him to...
  6. Switching Foods

    Dog Food Forum
    I am a proud owner of a 11 week old female Saint Bernard. This is my first dog so things have been a little hectic the past few days (she has only been here about 4 days). It was recommended to me that I switch my puppy to a more natural no-grain food by our trainer. She was fed Pedigree both...
  7. New to the forum and could use your help

    Attention All New Members
    Hi Everyone, Just found the forum and really like it. This past spring my wife and I lost our beloved Beatrice, a St. Bernard who thought she was a lap dog. She passed away of old age and we miss her dearly. She was the light of our lives and our house is just too quiet now. Anyway, after...
  8. Dominence issues!!!!!! HELP!!!!!

    General Dog Forum
    We have a 4yo female great pyrenees/saint benard mix, and a 9yo male full blooded great pyr. We recently got a 1yo male great pyr/lab mix. Our female is showing a lot of dominece, and starting fights with the new male, how do we fix this? Just let them fight it out? We have to keep the new male...