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  1. Keep dogs away from E-liquid juice

    General Dog Forum
    If you are an ecig user like me, it's a good idea to keep your pets away from the nicotine e juice. It will kill them.
  2. Irresponsible owners and irresponsible drivers

    General Dog Forum
    I am very sorry to say that my fur baby was hit by a car yesterday. He is very lucky with only minor cuts! But before you call me an irresponsible owner, you should know the story. I was outside playing fetch with Titus, I threw the ball up front. One of my neighbors Yorkies were in the middle...
  3. Need car seat recommendation

    General Dog Forum
    My 16 pound Westie has outgrown her car seat. Does anyone have a recommendation for a replacement? Thanks.
  4. Should dogs be given up the first moment they bite/snap?

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi guys, It's been a long time since I've been around this forum. Some days ago, I was in another forum (not about dogs thought), when a topic related to dogs came up. Then I've found some post that I couldn't help but comment about it. The person didn't like my tone when I commented on what...
  5. Dogs in Cars - what do YOU use?

    General Dog Forum
    Im curious to what everyone does to keep their dogs safe in the car. I recently bought 3 seatbelts that connect to my dogs harness' with one end a seat belt clip and the other a regular clasp to attach to the harness. Its adjustable and works well but they are taking some time to get used to it...
  6. beachs/Japanese debris

    General Dog Forum
    I live on the Alaskan coast and one of my my labs , Lucifer, favorite things to do is longggggg runs on the beach trying to catch that seagull and fetching sticks. Now we are starting to see debris from the Japanese earthquake and tsunamis on the beaches and are being warned not to touch it...
  7. dogs in hatchback - safety concerns

    General Dog Forum
    We've been driving our dog in the back of a hatchback. But, when I think about it, the back of the hatchback is like the crumple zone of a car in the case of a rear end crash. I'm wondering if that is normal. If I think about it too much, it's kind of scary. I wouldn't put my kids in the...
  8. Flexi-Leads vs Guns: Which One Injures More People?

    General Dog Forum
    SmartDogs blog compares the safety record of Glocks to Flexi-Leads, and comes up with some surprising results. Apparently, you're more likely to end up in the hospital from a Flexi-Lead accident than from being accidentally shot by someone's handgun. Here's a snip: Read the rest here. And in...
  9. Two puppies, then moved in with a third, more aggression.

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    the story is that my first puppy had really bad separation anxiety, she is a possible gs mix. So i bought a male gs four weeks younger than her to assist with calming. She is 18 weeks, and he is 14 weeks. It has helped, they play very well together sometimes they get rough, but that is...
  10. CET Dental Chews - Ok to swallow?

    Dog Health Questions
    I'm still having a devil of a time brushing my girl's teeth (and I'm starting to get jealous of her three-headed toothbrush...), so I got a bag of CET Dental chews while I work on my technique. Imagine my surprise when, after chewing it down a while, she swallowed the remaining bit (maybe 1/3...