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sad dog

  1. Death of a furbaby- Advice

    General Dog Forum
    We rescued a sweet senior dog named Patches almost 3 years ago, not long ago we found out that he had cancer. He passed away just days before his surgery was scheduled. The loss has been very hard on all of us, one of the kids especially, she keeps crying that home doesn't feel like home anymore...
  2. uneasy transition

    Dog Food Forum
    Today has been a hard day on my 9m old staffy my 2yr old staffy has had to go to the vets overnight due to being bitten then getting heat stroke when he collapseds unknowingly. And then we moved today to, my little girl didnt want to drink.from her bucket havent eaten till recently and has just...
  3. Dog got bit.

    Dog Health Questions
    My dog got bit by another bigger dog... Now it have pain and don't want to get up. He bit her near the rear right leg and I don't see any blood or something that could be the sign of a wound. She can walk without too much pain but can't run and climb stair. I dont know if i can give it something...
  4. I'm being ignored by my dog!

    General Dog Forum
    Hi Guys, I have 2 staffie boys, one is cross lab. They are 1 year 3 months and 1 year old. They are/were the best of friends. Friday, we had the younger one neutered (Cross lab) and all was fine, apart from a little hesitnce from the older pure staf. Saturday, we visited friends and kept their...