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  1. Dog Pictures Forum
    Sunday is one of our schutzhund club's training days, so while waiting around for our turn on the field my hubby took some pictures.
  2. Dog Pictures Forum
    My puppy is starting to look like an adult.
  3. Dog Pictures Forum
    and out of the pool. That poor pool looks so tiny now, haha. He always has a good time, we're also still practicing our stack.
  4. Dog Pictures Forum
    Wow, it's cool to see the changes a pup goes through from month 7-12. Here are some current picture of my 'big' dork dog. The first one was taken as we were visiting my in-law. Bijuu get's along great with Samson(Am Bully) and Solomon(husky pup). They spent their entire time together chasing...
  5. Dog Pictures Forum
    We were out in the yard practicing some of his commands for our basic obedience class. We're still working on the stacking, at the moment he is just becoming reliable with his stand stays. He's growing up to be a handsome guy. We're also getting ready to start training in Mondioring next week...
  6. Dog Pictures Forum
    Here are some photo's of my Bijuu playing around outside. They really do grow up fast, huh? He's a few days shy of 8 months and is already 70 lbs of skinny weird puppy. The last two picture are with JuuJuu and my husband, I don't know why he still picks him up like he's still a baby, lol.
  7. Dog Pictures Forum
    He had a good time visiting my sister for her birthday and enjoyed being the center of attention. She specifically requested we bring her "JuuJuu," haha. He spent his time people watching and having my grandma sneak him pulled pork then they thought I wasn't looking.
  8. Dog Pictures Forum
    I picked up this stray yesterday. I sent a picture to a GSD breeder who told me she looked like a Working Line sable. She looks purebred to me, I just wanted a few more opinions. She's the smartest dog I've ever met in my whole life; she just knows EVERYTHING !
1-8 of 8 Results