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  1. Royal Canin Mini Junior... thoughts? Is it good enough quality?

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi guys! I got a new frenchie puppy who was being fed on Royal Canin Mini Junior so I carried that on. However her stools are very soft and loose as well as quite light in colour, she goes very often (she once went 5 times before lunch time) and she farts... ALOT! Ive kept her diet the same...
  2. Acana does not "sit" with puppy Advice Needed

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi Everyone, I have a now 5 month Dogo Argentino puppy that for the past month I was trying to give Acana Large Breed Puppy. I first used the brand used by the breeder, and then I started introducing Acana slowly slowly. At first Nacho's stools were firm(pickable) but when I increased the Acana...
  3. I need Help ASAP

    General Dog Forum
    I have a 6 month old german shepherd puppy. I recently about a week ago put her on royal canin puppy food. Today around noon, i was cooking chicken and dropped a piece of very hot chicken on the kitchen floor. Her being a puppy, she swooped in and ate the small piece of hot chicken. Within...