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  1. Adventures in DIY toy-making

    General Dog Forum
    I've been trying for a while making a rope toy with two Kong balls. Using regular rope (Nylon) was a big bust. Within seconds I could see fibers flying off. Yesterday I tried combining two toys, taking a rope/floss toy and untying its knots to add two Kong balls. Well... she loved it...
  2. Dangerous Rope Toys

    Dog Health Questions
    We've all heard the horror stories about rope toys and the damage they can do to a dogs GI tract. I've always kept rope toys away from my dog until the other day while at the dog park, a lady presented my dog with a long rope toy. Within 2 seconds, the large rope disappeared down her gullet. She...
  3. Pet products manufacturer entering the internet age. What do you think?

    General Dog Forum
    Hey all, I have had quite a few dogs throughout my life and absolutely love them. I currently have 2 huskies, and a french bulldog. I decided to start making products for pets so that I could be around them even more! anyways to cut to the chase, my company is now on Amazon which we are really...
  4. What is your dog's favorite thing to do?

    General Dog Forum
    What does your dog like to do for fun? My dog likes to swing on a rope from a tree in the back yard. Here's a video. It's really funny. Check it out!