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road trips

  1. Puppy's long roadtrip home & readiness checklist

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello!! My name is Betzy, although I come from a long line of dogs (meaning, a long line of little yapping dare devil chihuahuas, even had so many as 12 at one point [my grandma was a breeder]) We haven't had any dogs since we moved to the US (around 8-9 years, maybe 10), which is pretty...
  2. Need advice on dog that gets sick during car rides

    Dog Health Questions
    Please give me advice on how to treat my dog that has travel sickness. When I take him on car rides for 2+ hours, he would throw up in his car crate. I place him during the car ride in a crate next to my other dog and he still sweats and there would be vomit in his crate and on him. I have...