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  1. Kennel Crazy

    Dog Training Forum
    So, my 7 month old Boxer/Shepard Mix is really good about going into the kennel when we tell him. It makes life much easier. However, when I have to leave for an extended period of time :wave:(usually work), he tends to tear up blankets, the hardwood floor, carpet, anything he can get his paws...
  2. Dog Shaming - We All Do It

    General Dog Forum
    Here's something I think all of us would enjoy :) And can relate to lol. Notice that there is a very obvious pattern in each post, so just know you're not alone :) http://dog-shaming.com/
  3. a good chewing toy?

    Dog Training Forum
    Our dog (she's 7 months) loves the Fire hose brand dog toys (supposedly the stuff a fire hose is made out of, the ones the firemen use), and she just loves chewing it. The problem is, she chews it so much it starts to break apart and there are a bunch of strings always hanging off it. It's...