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  1. Rest Now Rocky and Atom Until we meet again

    Pet Memorial Forum
    First, we lost Rocky last July 18, 2014 he was 12 years 4 months old. He died a natural death due to DM. His limbs weaken and as it progresses he became paraplegic and then lost urinary and fecal continence. He passed away at about 10:30 PM. Rocky was fun to be with he likes riding the car...
  2. RIP Blackie, Aged 14

    Pet Memorial Forum
    Lost my furbaby of 14 years last week, so I’m feeling pretty sad. This dog was there for the majority of my life so far. The days when I’d come home upset because of bullies at school, he was there wagging his tail and making me cheer up. Rough breakups? He was there to cuddle and listen. From...
  3. Heart Shattered... Put down my 8 Year Old Pitbull Today.

    Pet Memorial Forum
    I have no words to even describe the feeling in my heart tonight. It's still so surreal and I cannot believe she is gone. My best friend, my baby, my pride and joy, and my Everything. Today I had to make the hardest decision of my life with my mom. We had an 8 year old Blue Nose Pitbull girl who...