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  1. New member needing help about shared yard rights/laws (in Colorado)

    Attention All New Members
    Hello my name is Lizz and my fur baby is Akita (she's NOT an Akita, but she's a maremma sheepdog). We are currently renting a fourplex that had a shared back yard (unfenced) and a shared front yard (with only one person in the fourplex) that is fenced. The problem is, my dog doesn't want to do...
  2. Hunting is Killing

    Off Topic
    I'm not sure how hunting exotic animals is okay to people. It's one thing to lock them up in zoos, at least we can marvel at their beauty and grow in understanding for their species. It's another thing to kill creatures for sport and gloat about it "Teen exotic animal hunter angers animal...
  3. Please Help! What are my rights? Another dog was injured on our porperty

    General Dog Forum
    Here is what has happened so far: A little background info to help: -We live on a shared private road (everyone in our housing community "owns" the private road together). -We have two German Shepherds. -We have a professionally licensed installed Invisible Fence. Dogs were professionally...