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  1. Training philosophy: Positive/Reward vs. Leadership/Dominance

    Dog Training Forum
    An interesting side discussion developed in the Mouthing and Biting thread which I'd like to follow up here. Here's the thought starter: What are the benefits and demerits of positive (reward-based) vs. leadership (dominance) training? Which do you follow and why? Are there valid points to each...
  2. How to get 5 mo old's attention when up to no good.

    Dog Training Forum
    How to get 5 mo old's attention when bad I have a very rambunctious 5 month old Tibetan Terrier with a personality that is challenging to figure out. Since we brought him home at 10 weeks old, it seemed naturally ingrained in him to sit very politely when asked and he quickly learned to shake...
  3. Training Treats Give 8wk Lab Diarrhea

    Dog Food Forum
    I have an 8wk old lab we are trying to crate train, as well as basic commands. The treats we have been using give him diarrhea-- so bad he had an accident in his crate. Have tried Dingo Training Treats, Canine Carry Outs- bacon flavor, even deli ham. (all broken into very small pieces) For...
  4. Foster Parent Training

    Dog Rescue Forum
    Hi All, I foster dogs for a rescue in Ontario, and I've kind of adopted my own "way" of training them. It is expected of me to expose the dog to a wide range of situations, of which I do so confidantly and regularly. Where I worry, is we're starting to foster larger and larger dogs now, as...
  5. help needed...Do i Reward my GSH pointer when..

    General Dog Forum
    Hello everyone having alot of trouble getting my german short haired pointer bitch back when loosed off the lead. at the moment im confined to a small field where i am trying to improve her behavior. my girlfriend helps and sometimes the kids to. we corner her off and try and make her come back...