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resource gaurding

  1. Resource Guarding

    Dog Training Forum
    Our doberman girl just turned 3 years old and she has gone through a couple of stages of resource guarding. It started with not bringing back or dropping a ball. We would offer treats in return but she would soon decide that wasn't worth it. She runs away and when we do catch her, she will...
  2. Possessive dog please help.

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a dog (lab/ great Pyrenees) she will be a year in January and has recently gotten possessive over toys but not food. She doesn't want to chew them or even sit with them, she just doesn't want our other dog (2yr old lab/shepherd) to have them, we can take anything from her without her...
  3. Mild dog on dog aggression when playing

    Dog Training Forum
    I have an 8 month old lab mix who Ive been taking to the dog park almost everyday since he was 4 months. He looks forward to this more than anything else. He always frantically runs around from dog to dog meeting licking and greeting each one happy as a clam. Then he'll do the normal...