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  1. HELP! whining is tearing dog and handler apart!

    Dog Training Forum
    beau a two year old catahoula will whine just to whine he whines about nothing i have tried ignoring remote collar rewarding when quite giving a correction when whineing he is an awesome dog everything is great with him exept this its splitting us apart :Cry::Cry::Cry::Cry:
  2. The importance of developing Engagement

    Dog Training Forum
    I've been reading around to beef up my training knowledge, and as I put some of the stuff into practice (and even in some of what I read), I'm seeing one concept coming up over and over again: it isn't so much about getting your dog to do stuff you want as it is to get her to respond to you when...
  3. My dog growls at me when I approach my girlfriend

    Dog Training Forum
    Without getting into the tricky history of my love life, my lovable little dachshund Rexy isn't so lovable when I approach my girlfriend. Years ago, we shared a home, and every now and then he'd give a little growl when I'd go to sit with my girlfriend on the couch or climb into bed. It didn't...