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  1. Torn ACL advice.

    Dog Health Questions
    Has anyone had a dog who tore a ligament in their leg (ACL)? My pittie managed to tear a ligament, it might the the ACL or possibly the much more rare type of tear (the PCL i think it was called), but she is still trotting around like a happy dog so Im trying to avoid giving her surgery. I took...
  2. The Mental Rehabilitation of my Rescue Dog (thus far)

    General Dog Forum
    Alright folks, just a heads up this is going to be a long one. I think anyone in a similar situation as I was will enjoy reading this, knowing you can work through it! Also just a disclaimer, Kiko was our first dog so if anything sounds super obvious, or dumb, to you, just know that we had had...
  3. Few Questions - NEW RESCUE (introductions, etc)

    Dog Training Forum
    Ok firstly, I have a 1.5 year old Black Pug (Doug), whom I got from a fabulous breeder, He is very well trained BUT quite hyper and is used to playing with big dogs (as he thinks hes a great dane) I just recently Introduced a new rescue (Pug Boston X, Skeeter) into the house, and they've been...
  4. Howdy!

    Attention All New Members
    Hello, my name is Laura (or Clusterflux :P), I am 23 and recently graduated from college. I have two degrees, an AAS. in Digital Imagining and Design Technology, and an AAS. in Web Development Technology - in other words, I'm a geek. I currently work for the college I graduated from as a part...