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  1. First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello Everyone :wave: I'll be getting a new puppy in a couple of weeks and I was wondering, apart from shows/competitions, what is the purpose for registering a purebred puppy with AKC? I'm buying him as pet quality, but I was wondering if there were any benefits to registering a new pup? Thanks!
  2. Dog Sports/Show Forum
    I got a westie puppy a few months back and he is registered with the AKC. I have been training him and he is doing quite well and i think he is ready for a show. The problem is that there is a UKC conformation show next weekend and i was wondering if he could enter or does he have to be UKC...
  3. First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I just purchased a beautiful little beagle puppy. She is registered through the UKC, I am just wondering what the difference between UKC and AKC are. I knew that I did not want her to be APRI, but I don't know the difference between these two. :)
1-3 of 3 Results