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  1. Does anyone know what this is? Sore-like

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello Everyone, My little girl just started getting these bumps on her skin, looks pimple like. They seem to be filled with pus or water (some sort of liquid). Don't know if anyone here is a Vet or Vet tech, or maybe your little guy/gal has had this before. She started with one about 2 weeks...
  2. My boy: Red

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Here's a few pics of my boy Red. I figured I might throw a few up in this forum and not only showcase my boy but possibly get some feedback! So what do you guys think he is?
  3. Small growth on dew claw. Anyone know what this is and the severity?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone knows what this is and the severity of it? I'm new to the forums and this is the first health issue I've experienced with my dog. He's up to date on vaccines and de-worming, he's also been neutered. He's a 3 1/2 year old pug and he still has his dew claws...
  4. Redness on my Dogs Feet

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi everyone! I'm new to the community and I wish I could have posted something more positive to contribute but I'm at my wits end about a strange red sore/rash that's developed on my dog's feet. This is appearing on all 4 feet and seems to start at the bottom or in between his pads. It...
  5. Sore under eye? Pic included

    Dog Health Questions
    Does anyone know what this could be from? He never seems to itch it but it's been slowly getting better over the past couple of weeks. http://i833.photobucket.com/albums/zz254/kirstin__/f9ece537.jpg
  6. My doggie was attacked by red ants

    Dog Health Questions
    My puppy just started going for walks and i discovered there are red ants in the gradd infront of my apartment where she goes. This morning was her 3rd walk she has been on, and i guess they got in her fur and were biting and she got scared :(. We are moving soon, so that is good but for nbow...
  7. Can You Guys Please help! its very important!!!!

    Dog Health Questions
    my dog wishbone has started having some pains in his mouth. he would yelp if he's trying to eat hard food and cant pick anything up with his mouth. he always hides under the dresser now and its kind of depressing. we took him to the vet and they checked inside of his mouth and found nothing...
  8. Limping Dog, Please Help!

    Dog Health Questions
    My dog is limping because of his irritated testicles. They are noticeably red and pretty dry. He makes it obvious that they are bothering him but doesn't seem to be a life or death situation. He trys not to put any weight on them. He does not seem to be licking at them or anything like that...
  9. Dog Limping Because of Irritated Testicles, Please Help ASAP!

    Dog Health Questions
    My one year old dog is limping due to his irritated testicles. He will not put any weight down on them or anything and even lifts his leg in the air, so to not rest it on his testicles, when he lays down. His testicles are very dry and pretty red. Almost kind of like a rash but not really...
  10. Good German Shepard Breeders in DFW/Austin area?

    General Dog Forum
    I know threads like this are probably overdone but I've been sent on a mission by the boyfriend to find a German Shepherd puppy. He wants a Black and Red (which I guess are harder to find), and if possible, under $1,000. Any ideas?? Also, I know primarily what to look for: mom on site...
  11. Spay incision question **Picture**!!!

    Dog Health Questions
    My little girl was spayed a week ago. One spot on her incision looks a little red and is hard. I wanted some opinions on if it looks to be healing or could be a bad sign.....thanks to all in advance!!!!:wave:
  12. Red bump hanging from dogs lip

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello all, There is a red bump that has been growing out of the side of my 14 month old German Shepherd's mouth over the past month. It started as a small red bump and has grown into a bigger one that looks chapped. See photos. Anyone know what this is? It does not appear to be contagious as my...
  13. Looking for a specific red rubber dog toy!

    General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone! I'm new to these forums and website. I was wondering if anyone could help me find a specific dog toy. The toy is a red rubber ball-like toy, with two half-circles connected by a small ball in the middle. I've included a picture of this toy. I am looking to purchase this toy if I can...