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red heeler

  1. Need advice on an aggressive red heeler

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi, I am new to these forums and I need a little help or advice. Anybody willing to read a long post, please. My parents adopted a red heeler puppy in September of 2015 and she was approximately a year old. They are experienced dog owners, this being the 10th dog that has come into their...
  2. Barsky photo dump

    Dog Pictures Forum
    I'm sure some of you are gettin' some Red Heeler cravings by now, amirite? Barsky playing with his westie friend Watson. Barsky loves all little white fluffy dogs. Sad for him, they are a genus of dog I don't intend to own. Barsky loves his pool. I would like to say that this is Barsky...
  3. The North American Swamp Dog

    Dog Pictures Forum
    ... New breed. There is only one and I own him. A noble breed with a predisposed tendency towards sillyness, they are most at home in the Great Black Swamp, where they hunt for bugs and sticks in the bogs and marshes. A dependable and loyal breed with no consideration for personal space...
  4. Rescue Success Story <3

    Dog Rescue Forum
    I love my dog. We adopted him when he was 5 months old--just a furball with way-too-big paws and goofy ears. He was abused before we got him, his exact birthdate was unknown, and much of his history was (is) a mystery. But he adapted to our home rather quickly and I cannot imagine life without...
  5. Cattle dog smiles are the best.

    Dog Pictures Forum
    We had a BBQ for ourselves (Sudden 85 degree day in April? Of course we had a BBQ!) Before running my meat through the grinder, I cut off all the imperfect bits, tossed them in the blender with some cheese, carrot, peas, oats, peanut flour, brown rice flour, and egg. Had fun drawing with food...
  6. sensative stomach - red heeler

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi; i have an amazing red heeler, 1.5 yrs but he has a very sensative stomach i had a major problem with him about 7 months ago switched several food types untill i found orijen 6 fish. all was good but now he has developetd sensativity to orijen as well, my vet says the protein % is much to...