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  1. What dog breed should i get??

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    So, after much thought, I'm completely lost of what kind of dog I should be getting. A little about me and the dog I'm looking for. About me: I'm able to take my dog to work with me, so time alone for the dog will be minimal. I don't mind shedding/grooming. Have a good amount of dog...
  2. Fragrance Free Shampoo Recommendation (Groomer from hell)

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Hi all, Short Version: I am looking for a recommendation on Fragrance Free (they tend to be Hypo-Allergenic) conditioner(s.) Oops put shampoo in the subject, can't fix it :redface: Long Story: My 8 month old Sheepadoodle was matting badly, so I took her to the groomer Thursday for a haircut. I...
  3. Best choice of the bad kind?

    Dog Food Forum
    WELLP. My income is limiting me to once again, change my dog's food. I used to feed her blue, then went to authority and now I am forced to buy grocery store food. I can't buy online, I get paid cash, and where I live there are NO pet specialty food stores except PetSmart. I have $30 to spend on...
  4. Breed Recomendations

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I own an English Springer Spaniel. A friend of mine is looking for a new dog. She really likes the temperament of Max (my Springer), so we've started looking at other breeds similar to a Springer. I'll post the list of breeds she's interested in. If you own, have owned in the past, or know...
  5. Tried Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul- Large Breed?

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi all, my sister has been talking about the cost of feeding Tucker, her giant Great Dane (whom I love dearly and talk about often :) ). I'm trying to help her out since she and her hubby just started new jobs and want a good food that isn't too expensive. He eats A LOT! I've read good reviews...