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  1. How do you develop a strong "Come" command?

    Dog Training Forum
    The question speaks for itself: what techniques or approaches do you use to develop a strong (reliable) "Come" command for those instances where your dog is off-leash in distraction-filled environments?
  2. Introducing my Cockapoo puppy

    General Dog Forum
    Hi all I'm new here and new to puppy ownership too! We had a family dog when I was growing up but this is the first dog of my/our very own! Here's a quick video of him on his first walk after all his vaccinations were done, I think he's doing pretty well really - he can be a bit of a crocodile...
  3. Is it true some dogs can never be off leash?

    General Dog Forum
    I have a 5 month on sighthound Whippet and had him since he was 7 weeks old. I first started off training with positive training and recall was great. As the months passed by, recall starting getting worse and worse... to the point where he barely listens. I tried other methods (ecollar with...
  4. Solid recall lacking

    Dog Training Forum
    My 2 1/2 year old usually comes to me very well. But tonight he took off, and was walking down the street, vigorously sniffing the ground, always staying 10 steps ahead of me. He usually always responds to my whistling or "here" command. Tonight there was zero response. I'm frustrated and want...
  5. Hi from California!

    Attention All New Members
    Hi! I'm new to the forum. Nice to meet you all! I am seeking training advice for my 6 month old male husky / aussie mix. Overall, a very good dog. Potty trained fast, knows sit down stay rollover, and come with no distractions. My main issue is that he is overly friendly. When walking, he...
  6. Advanced recall under HIGH distraction

    Dog Training Forum
    Warning. Wall of text below. My dog is two years old and I've put A LOT of work into training him and overall he's very reliable with most everything he's been taught. Like most puppies, he struggled with recall when he was younger. Especially when being called in from the backyard. Using long...
  7. Advice for training a deaf dog please!

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi guys! My boston/boxer-ish mix is just about 100% deaf. Some very loud or shrill noises he will hear but not know where they came from.. could also be that he doesn't actually hear them and is just reacting to my other dogs' body language when they hear them. As far as we know, he has been...
  8. government inspection?

    Dog Food Forum
    I am familiar with the adage: "I'm from the guvmint and I'm here to hep you." Because of the Chinese dog food gluten scare, we researched our dog’s food and based on the rating and info on DogfoodAdvisor.com switched him to EVO Senior. EVO Senior(and related products made at the same plant)...
  9. Reluctant obedience

    General Dog Forum
    Hi all, My dog seems reluctant to obey any commands. I use seems loosely: she will look at me for a couple of seconds until something else captures her attention. This is most noticeable when trying to get her to come back from wherever she's run off to. I have tried starting recall training...
  10. Advice on Getting a Solid Recall

    Dog Training Forum
    Looking for thoughts and advice on how best to train for a solid recall. Our 7-month-old puppy seems to come when he wants and ignore us when he wants, even though he knows the command. Do I need better treats? Should we play more games (like hide-and-seek)? What do others do? And should I...
  11. Dog doesn't come when called

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    We have a coton de tulear a little over a year old and she is our family's first dog. (She's a small dog.) She has trouble responding to most commands when she's preoccupied and rarely responds to come unless we have a treat and she isn't doing anything else. She has never come back to us on...
  12. Question about Science Diet (recall related)

    Dog Food Forum
    There is a guy at the dog park (and actually hes about to be my landlord ;)) and hes super sweet and hes older...anyway he swears up and down Science Diet has never had a recall and they are the best dog food. I tried to tell him that surely they have had 1 recall at least and that its an...
  13. Training with Distraction Ideas?

    Dog Training Forum
    I'm wondering if anyone can share ideas for training with distractions. Primarily I'm looking to work on recall. My pup is 6 months old and over the last 2 weeks our recall has really started to get terrible! So my question is where are some good types of places/situations to work on recall...
  14. Individual training and snuggle time

    General Dog Forum
    I have to say, I forgot how tiring training can be sometimes lol Since I have two puppies it's twice the work but at the same time twice as rewarding :D And I'm also going over some new and old commands with Kodi just to keep him from getting rusty. I'll admit that training the dogs...
  15. Updated dog food review site?

    Dog Food Forum
    Any recommendations for a dog food review site for canned dog food that is up to date? I once used dog food analysis, but with most reviews for canned food having been done in 2006 I just don't trust the information anymore. Way too much has changed! I have ruled out Wellness & Natural...
  16. Multiple Recall Cues

    Dog Training Forum
    I'm having some questions on training a recall for a dog. I'm a little confused on what the right recall will be and if I can use multiple recall cues. TOP SHELF RECALL: I want a recall that I can use when my dog is off leash in the woods and is far away from me and possibly chasing a prey. I...
  17. Warning Letter to Merrick re: salmonella on Beef Filet Squares

    Dog Food Forum
    The FDA has sent Merrick a warning letter about the salmonella contamination of its Beef Filet Squares: http://www.fda.gov/ICECI/EnforcementActions/WarningLetters/ucm217086.htm