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  1. Dog Training Forum
    Sami is a large lab who knows what she is supposed to do BUT sometimes chooses not to. Occasionally, and often unpredictably, she will bolt, going next door to visit the neighbor. Our yard is not fenced and does not lend itself to an invisible fence. A recommended trainer in the area wants...
  2. Dog Training Forum
    Hi There, I have a 10 month old beardie Lab X called Leroy. He is a very friendly sweet dog, and 90% has fantastic recall and stay abilities. However there is one thing that I haven't quite mastered which is preventing him from running off to greet other dogs if we are at the park. As soon as...
  3. Dog Training Forum
    Hi all, I'm new here and I've got a 15 lb. papillion mix named Didy. He's normally the world's best dog. Comes when you call, very quiet, walks beautifully, respects me and my husband as his pack leaders, knows a variety of commands including "Stop," and even does tricks. He's very smart and...
1-3 of 3 Results