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reactive dogs

  1. Any Hope for Dog Aggressive Dog?

    Dog Training Forum
    *I just want to give a warning that I'm going to describe a dog attack in pretty close detail.* When Piper (hound mix) was adopted, we already had Sophie (mixed breed, around 20lbs) and Oliver (who has since passed). At first Piper did well with them. She was calm and laid back when she met...
  2. Advice for barking and leash aggressive small dog?

    Dog Training Forum
    I recently adopted Ginger, a 5-6 year old, small mixed breed (poodle and some sort of terrier). I was told that before being in a foster home for a month, she was in a shelter who had picked her up as a stray. They believe she was a stray for about a year. Other than that I have no idea about...
  3. Anti-anxiety Medication?

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi everyone! So today was our second session and Teddy did a lot better than before however he had several episodes and was anxious throughout the class and told us to consider getting him prescribed for solliquin. We really didn't want to medicate him but we are giving it some serious thought...
  4. High-Value Treats Suggestions?

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello everyone! I haven't posted here in a while. But in summary, Teddy is now enrolled in a reactive dog class! I know I failed to do some very important things during his puppyhood but I'm working to fix it. Yesterday was his first class (in the lucky dog sports club by Mindy Cox- she uses...
  5. To the Reactive Dog Owners

    General Dog Forum
    Snowball is our first dog. He is also reactive. On walks after we first got him, Snowball would bark and lunge at dogs from across four lanes of traffic. Some of the members here probably remember my initial, somewhat desperate posts - everything I did felt futile, I though we’d never be able...
  6. At the end of my rope - undoing behavioral issues caused by previous owner

    Dog Training Forum
    ETA: Oh my goodness, I'm sorry this is so long! I don't know how to make it shorter without leaving out relevant information. Clifford's behavioral problems are beginning to strain my sanity and my marriage. Before it comes into question, I want to say that I am committed to this dog and...
  7. My dog's fear problems. And how far we've come so far.

    Dog Training Forum
    Alright ladies and gents, prepare for a rather long, confusing post by yours truly. I got Luna at four months, missing her key socialization window. I didn't know much about her history other than that she grew up with 13+ other dogs and had to compete for food. She was VERY thin when she...
  8. Seeking Help/Advise: Tight on Money and Losing Hope

    Dog Training Forum
    Title says it all but my post may be dramatic. Still though, the words and feelings are true. (TL;DNR: Seeking help/advise in how to train/rehabilitate my dog with his reactivity with people and dogs. Attempting to prevent future bites and putting him down. I'm in danger of losing my house but...
  9. New trainer...advice needed!

    Dog Training Forum
    I'm a new trainer and I work at a pet store as a trainer. I have a beginner class that's going well (we're on week 2) and in the class I have a 1 yr Beagle in the class who is really reactive to other dogs. The owner was so embarrassed of her dog (because she was barking so much) that the owner...