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  1. Need Advice 6month Golden

    Attention All New Members
    Hi all. I have a 6 month old golden retriever who ate a raw hide two days ago. I realize now that raw hides are not good treats for dogs. Anyways - she has had diarrhea for two days now and I am worried that the raw hide is stuck in her intestines. She is acting normal - eating, drinking, and...
  2. Chipped tooth and rawhide?

    Dog Health Questions
    First let me say I am not really comfortable with rawhide, and it is not something we usually have/buy. When Snowball greeted me at the door today, he had something in his mouth. It was vaguely circular and hard; I thought it might be a piece of bone from an oxtail end, and I didn't think...
  3. Ate a piece of his rawhide!

    Dog Health Questions
    Today I got my 11-week-old puppy a rawhide bone. I had held off on this for a while, having been given totally contradictory advice about appropriate toys and trying a number of others things first. I decided to watch him closely with it, and he bit off a small (~1x.5 inches) heavily-chewed...
  4. a million questions about chews...

    Dog Food Forum
    I have a 6- almost 7 month old norfolk terrier pup who for his size is a monster chewer. he's got all his adult teeth now but still wants to chew pretty much constantly. i've been giving him bully sticks since i got him (actually the breeder gave them to him when he was tiny too) and he LOVES...
  5. Pug eats rawhide

    General Dog Forum
    Hey everyone. I recently shared on the forum my pug's experience with swallowing a piece of rawhide. I got some really good advice on this forum for rawhide alternatives as well as a bunch of other advice. Just wanted to thank everyone for the help and share with youa little creative writing I...
  6. Treats

    General Dog Forum
    I like to have 3-4 different kind of treats available for my boys. From MILKBONE to rawhide chews, I feel as though the variety keeps things from getting boring. I prefer rawhide based treats since all my boys are chihuahua mixes and small breeds are more prone to gum disease. That and as much...
  7. Help with Black Lab!

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi all, My 10 year old black lab is dry heaving. This lasted a couple minutes. He also seems to not be drinking as much water. I believe this may stem from him swallowing a large piece of rawhide (a christmas present). I am desperate for any advice!
  8. Dog anus yeast smell. Assistance please!

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello all. I have a 10 month old Kuvasz/Yellow lab mix. Charlie. He's about 70 pounds and is deceivingly very very strong. He eats Authority large breed puppy and has been since 2 months of age. He's been in training classes since the beginning of July and we are on the second section of...