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  1. Grunion Fish?

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi everyone! I'm new here and have been feeding raw for about a week or two after researching it for a few years. Every year in CA there's a grunion run on the beach and figured it would be the perfect time to get some free pet food! Now I don't know much about the fish other than it's ok for...
  2. Feeding Raw and Keeping Clean

    Dog Food Forum
    For those of you who feed raw, how do you keep the space where you feed your dogs clean and safe for the humans in the house? I am considering feeding Sasha, our puppy, raw due to what may be food allergies. She plays with her food and I could see her dragging raw meat all over. I suppose I...
  3. What kind of treats are consistent with raw diet?

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi everyone, I recently switched Butters to a raw food diet, using Nature's Variety Instinct Raw, right now she's trying chicken and duck and loving it!! Anyway, I don't know much about the raw diet and I was wondering for those that are super health-conscious for their doggies, what they feed...
  4. Treats for Raw Feeders

    Dog Food Forum
    So I'm clicker training the little monster, and had a bit of time finding treats that weren't grain based, contained corn syrup, or sugar. Finally found some great options that Henry loves! 1. Freeze dried tripe. I cut it into tiny slices. Kind of pricey, unfortunately. This was the first thing...
  5. Raw Food Dispenser?

    Dog Food Forum
    So I know there are several kibble dispensing toys around that will slow down a dog's eating and keep him/her occupied for a while. But are there any similar variants for raw food? Would it be too difficult or encourage destructive tendencies if I try to use an empty oatmeal container? Henry...
  6. Intinct RAW Frozen Diet Questions

    Dog Food Forum
    I recently started my dog (year old standard poodle with itchy skin) in Instinct Raw and kibble. The first I bought was chicken (raw in the patties) and it looked and smelled fine when thawed. It was nice and pink...for the rotations sake, and to see if there was a flavor he likes better, the...
  7. Feeding a puppy raw

    Dog Food Forum
    I want to start mixing raw foods into my puppy's diet. Kibble one day and raw the next. He's only 9 weeks old and I'm concerned about him choking on bones. What's the best things to feed? I already gave him some beef ribs and he LOVED them.
  8. Training a puppy using the Ian Dunbar method, while feeding raw?

    General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone, I've been a lurker/semi-poster on this board for awhile now, but expect to see more of me in the coming months as I plan on bringing home a puppy in July! I'm not new to dogs as my family has had 2 growing up, but this will be MY first dog. My first dog died a year ago and his...
  9. ZiWiPeak

    Dog Food Forum
    Just wanted to share my experience with ZiWiPeak. I started trying it like a month ago and my dog LOVES it. She is a 2 year old 10lb cavalier and is sooooo picky. I have tried loads of premium kibble and she either turns her nose up at it (or will literally spit it out) or gets tummy upsets and...
  10. How much $$ to feed your pets??

    Dog Food Forum
    I have two animals. A 20lb calico cat and my 8 month old Shar Pei Gus. The Cat gets Orijen and eats 5.5lbs a month. It costs $25 a month. Gus is on a raw diet. The foundation to that diet is a chicken/organ/bone/vegetable mix that we purchase from our local organic meat co-op. We buy 50lbs at...
  11. Bones for Dental Health

    Dog Food Forum
    So, I've noticed some tartar build-up on Rascal's teeth lately, and I was thinking about swapping out his usual rawhides/chew sticks for some raw meaty bones to help clean his teeth. I've browsed through the forums, but a lot of the recommendations tend to be as a part of a full raw diet...
  12. Introduction

    Attention All New Members
    Hi, I am the proud owner of a 12-yr-old GSD named Jessie. She has arthritis, hip dysplasia, and spondylosis of the spine in three places. But she has (luckily) a high pain threshold and lots of spirit. One fairly recent development is a sore front shoulder. I suspect she injured it some time...
  13. Dog scratching his skin raw.

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello!~ I have a 2 year old male pit bull who seems to may have a dry skin problem. I bathe him once every week or once every other week. If I go longer than that he begins to smell. Given the seasonal change, he is currently shedding with minor dander. I bathe him with a dander control shampoo...
  14. Where do you start?

    General Dog Forum
    Ok, so I'm wanting to start my dogs on a semi-raw diet... but how do you start? do you simply just go out and buy a pound of ground beef and give it to your dogs? do you have to introduce it slowly? Could someone possibly help me get started? tell me how you started your dogs on raw. Please...
  15. can you feed raw occassionally?

    Dog Food Forum
    I've read over much of the raw diet stuff in this forum in the past and decided I don't have the time to feed my 2 dogs raw. I rarely even cook for myself. But, today I made a chicken and have the neck, liver, heart, etc and I'm wondering if I could feed them to my dogs? I have an adult lab...